The Nakatani Gong Orchestra


Saturday, May 3, Japanese American percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani brings his famed Nakatani Gong Orchestra to EMP thanks to the aural shamans of the High Zero Collective. The concert will feature a solo percussion set by Nakatani followed by the Nakatani Gong Orchestra. Nakatani has recruited a cabal of local artists to fill the orchestra for the Baltimore performance, including M.C. Schmidt, Owen Gardner, Lexie Mountain, Neil Feather, Paul Neidhardt, Caroline Marcantoni and Andrew Bernstein. 

“A sonorous mass of imposing intensity and beautifully wavering mirage.” – Adam Strohm, Dusted Magazine

Nakatani and the NSO have played to audiences large and small from warehouses to the Kennedy Center. In each city, he trains a group of 10 local artists, musicians, and non-musicians alike, in the gong bowing techniques he has developed over the last decade with his hand made gong bows. Together, their bowed gongs ebb and flow to ecstatic crescendos.

See the NGO in action 

Tatsuya and The Philosophy of the NGO

For more info, visit


Saturday, May 3rd

307 W. Baltimore St.


$5-10 sliding scale

Nakatani Poster


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