pulse:salon september

Wednesday, 9/2, 8PM

Pulse performance art salons are back for the fall. (Hooray!)

This month features:
Aaron McIntosh (Invasive Baltimore)
Selina Doroshenko
Talbolt Johnson
Lucia Treasure

Aaron McIntosh, “Invasive”

Started by artist Aaron McIntosh, Invasive is an art project that is creating kudzu, a Southern invasive plant species, out of quilted textiles adorned with the stories of LGBTQ contributors and archival documents that celebrate and make visible Southern queer culture.

Guests at Pulse will be able to contribute and share their own stories to the growing kudzu all night.

Lucia Treasure, “The Good Ship”
The Good Ship sails you through the squall on home.

Lucia A Treasure is a Baltimore girl, performer and professional pigeon chaser. She is a member of the Annex Theater company, the co-founder of Hole In The Wall Cabaret, and her original performance work has been presented at Theatre Project, An Die Musik, the Holy Underground, the Writers and Words series, EMP Collective, Labbodies and Everybody All the Time in Baltimore, and Performance Space 122 in New York, where she also had the privilege of being mentored by the great performance artist Penny Arcade. Her current work explores the conversation we conduct between our child and adult selves.


Selina Doroshenko, “NO MATTE SURFACES”
Selina will be presenting an amateur act of comedy combined with an Ozark shuffle. NO MATTE SURFACES. Her interests in performance developed through a two-year collaboration with her friend Emily McIntyre in a motivational team they called Nothing Special. Nothing Special made shows to impact lives with a strong brand identity. Selina F. Doroshenko is completing her MFA in multidisciplinary art in MICA’s Mount Royal program. Selina is from Montreal, Quebec and has performed in Montreal, Toronto, Banff and Baltimore.




Talbolt Johnson, “Gantlet”

Combining elements street dance and performance art to create transformative journeys, Gantlet is “a continued exploration in an ongoing narrative I’ve been discovering in my work in the past couple years.” Johnson continues this excavation through the character of a nameless hero: a traveler, a spiritual warrior, and the Catalyst for change. Gantlet is another episode in this character’s evolution and his continued education and tutelage by an unknown entity only know as “We”…




Pulse is a salon and event series dedicated to the development and celebration of performance work in Baltimore. Pulse is organized by Carly J. Bales with frequent collaborators Emilia Pennanen and Alex D’Agostino.