Pulse: salon | April

8PM | $5

The Pulse performance salon and event series is back for Spring! The award-winning series is a regular platform for the development, discussion, and elevation of performance work in Baltimore. Pulse salons feature 3 – 5 new, developing, or revisted works from local performance-makers and an informal dialogue with audiences afterward.


Submissions are currently open for May, and June of 2016 here


April’s Featured Artists
Talbolt Johnson
The Sound of Winning

Talbolt Johnson is a local performance artist and dancer in Baltimore, MD. His work, using a street dance known as popping, has gained him acclaim from his peers and audience on a local and even national level. Johnson, whose stage name is Bolt3000, has been dedicated to an exploration of the body in motion. His work is inspired by universal human experiences and themes, and seeks to pay an homage to the tradition of the storyteller.

Going on 10 years, and through many roles as mover, Johnson has developed a way of using Popping to tell archetypal stories that express the dream-like viewpoint he has of how integral the body is to our understanding of who we truly are. He has worked in numerous venues throughout Baltimore and the rest of the East Coast. Johnson is currently a member of international dance crew, G Style.

From teaching in Baltimore City Schools, to dance studios, and simply on the street, Johnson has striven to share the understanding and the knowledge he has acquired to all who seem interested. He is currently actively training in his form, frequenting dance events, and developing work for future projects and performances.

Mike Smith
New Shoes
Mike Smith is a recent graduate from the University of Baltimore, a school he discovered while watching The Wire. Mike is an actor and comedian who can be seen all over the NYC & DMV area. His exploits can be followed on micsmif.wordpress.com and @micsmif on Instagram and @mobbtown on Twitter.

New Shoes explores gender norms, fashion, helplessness, and cultural acceptance.
Irina Varina
brilliant traces
Irina is a performer and filmmaker based in Philadelphia and New York. She became passionate about theater after training with two Grotowki-influenced teachers Steve Wangh and Raina von Waldenburg, and about dance and performance art – after studying at Headlong Performance Institute. In her work she seeks to convey life experiences that are sometimes hard to put into words or seem too shameful. She is interested in finding voice, language and shape for those experiences.

“brilliant traces” is a part of a larger work in progress about longing.