Pulse: salon

This month’s installment of Pulse is hittin’ the road! We’re setting up shop at Invisible Majority, an artist incubator space in Baltimore’s Charles Village run by Mia Loving and Blaqstarr. Don’t come to EMP! You’ll be sad and alone and will probably eat a 7-11 hot dog to ease your pains. DO NOT DO THAT. TRUST US.

Instead, meet us at Invisible Majority (Charles and 25th: 16 W. 25th St, Suite 2) on April 20th at 8PM.

Featured guests
Elise Drake
Zach Trebino
Victor Torres
Máire Witt O’Neill
Kristen McWharter


Organized by EMP Collective members Carly J. Bales and Emilia Pennanen, Pulse is a regularly-occurring salon and event series for the discussion and development of performance art work in Baltimore.



**Elise Drake**
Elise Drake is a performance artist from Long Island, NY. She will be graduating from MICA in May, 2015. She was raised amongst the leisure class and experienced grief and sexual deviancy at a young age. Being aware of her terminal existence, her mission is to create experiences through social engagement that discuss the limitations dictated by society. She is passionate about promoting ecological awareness, sexual equality, and identity justice. Drake has exhibited and sold work in group and solo shows, both in the United States and internationally.



**Victor Torres**
Victor F. de M. Torres is a Baltimore based interdisciplinary, multimedia, and community artist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is currently a research assistant and MFA Candidate at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Socio-Cultural Anthropology. Torres’s work expands on the cultural agency of the immigrant, gender as performance, and the myths that govern our day-to-day lives through the development of a new symbolic system.

Torres’ work has been shown in Baltimore at The Baltimore Museum of Art, Labbodies, Subbasement, Artscape 2011, The Red Room, Current Gallery, Transmodern Festival (2011, 2012, 2013), Maryland Art Place, and the Thames Street Wharf Building at MAP’s Starlight Dinner – where he was recognized as an “Art Star”. In New York City Torres’ work has been seen at Mix NYC 2012, La Mama Galleria, and Dixon Place. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil his work has been shown at Plano B.



**Zach Trebino**
zach trebino is a performance-based artist. he’s a real-live fucking asshole, a live fucking real asshole, a fucking real-live asshole, a real fucking live asshole, a real-live asshole fucking, and a twat.



**Máire Witt O’Neill**
Máire Witt O’Neill currently lives and works in Baltimore, MD and makes performance, video and sculpture–often about self-doubt, failure, and gender.




**Kristin McWharter**
Kristin McWharter is a multi-disciplinary artist working and residing in Baltimore, Maryland. Her work, often in the form of immersive sculptural installations, videos, and viewer-inclusive performances, is an exploration of how groups socially choose to connect or created distance and how the personal experience of awkwardness manifests from within those groups. The boundaries of social intimacy and personal narrative physically and visually manifest themselves in her work as she uses performative objects and environments as a means to invoke viewer’s individual relationships towards proximity, competition, sincerity and comfort.