Our space programming consists of the work and curatorial projects of our member and resident artists! Check out the “calendar” page for upcoming events and event descriptions. To keep track of all our great happenings, join our email list.

A Brief Narrative of an Extraordinary Birth of Rabbits, May 2012

A Brief Narrative of an Extraordinary Birth of Rabbits, May 2012



Focusing primarily on new and devised works, we love working with diverse crews of artists in multiple disciplines to create pieces that are strange, unconventional, and challenging for both audience and artist. We generally produce 2-3 full shows a year in addition to short-run pieces and a once-a-year theatre festival. For more on our past shows, check out our “past work” on the site.





Pulse salon, May 2014




A project of member Carly J. Bales, Pulse is a regularly-occurring salon and event series for the discussion and development of performance art work in Baltimore. The salons will feature 2-3 performance artists and are open to everyone. The aim of these salons are to provide a consistent outlet for performance artists to create new work and connect with fellow performers. Pulse also welcomes the larger public to experience and participate in the development of these works-in-progress. Building off of these salons, larger, curated performance events occur quarterly. A Look at 2014’s Pulses in Pictures. 





Cans n Drafts Workshop Reading



Led by member Brad Cartwright, Cans n Drafts is a writing workshop series and development program dedicated to the production of new work. Cans n Drafts provides a staging ground for experimentation, growth, and risk-taking in a nurturing and collaborative setting.  This series includes: low-cost writing workshops; special weekend workshops; literary arts festivals and events; public staged readings; and project development from idea to fully-produced work at our space.





Catalyst, March 2014



Overseen by Carly J Bales, EMP Collective produces exhibitions from visual artists in their main gallery space. We also offer opportunities for guest curators through our Curator Series. Gallery exhibitions run 6-8 weeks. Due to staffing constraints, the gallery currently has hours by appointment only unless otherwise noted.

Contact for a time to view works (or to become an EMP volunteer!).




Tetsuo screening from the "It Came From...WITHIN" film series, November 2011

TETSUO screening from the “It Came From…WITHIN” film series



Curated by writer and filmmaker Joshua Buursma, EMP’s Odd Tuesdays Cineclub is dedicated to a proposition: That not all films are created equal; that some are weirder, sweeter, kinkier, and crankier than others; and that among these films are established cult favorites, essential art house classics, and more recent work that’s only begun to gather a following.  In an age when media too often atomize us rather than bring us together, when we’re more likely to watch movies (especially older movies) alone on our devices rather than with a flesh-and-blood audience, it’s more urgent than ever that we deliberately come together and make seeing movies a show again.  Odd Tuesdays Cineclub: Come and See.





Debuted November 2014




Focusing on process, open collaboration, and creative improvisation, Audio/Visual Cart melds the talents of producers, musicians, and filmmakers into a live multimedia experience designed to please all senses. The series is a curatorial project of EMP resident artist Mia Loving.

Each episode, local music-makers are selected and paired with filmmakers to create a live and devised score for a short film. After the musical performances, the audience is invited to cipher and reinterpret the work themselves.




Members Noelle Tolbert and Alex D’Agostino investigate the intersections of dance, body movement, and performance art. Most Sundays, the duo will conduct open classes of Movement Research at EMP from 5:30 – 7:30PM. Classes are $5 each.

The two also regularly host Parts & Pieces, a evening of movement and dance works from local movers and performers.

Movement Research can encompass dance and technique, but it can also work with the body with less traditional aesthetic qualifiers. Improvisation, physical/emotional states, physical theater, meditation, the spoken word or movement of the voice. It can look like solitary experiments or group encounters or performance art. The content of the class will be dictated by the person who is leading it and the participation of those that attend.