Norm Sherman Album Release Party

EMP-brother Norm Sherman debuts new album, The Estoteric Order of  Sherman.

Come out to EMP to celebrate and enjoy some live music from Norm Sherman on Friday, January 20 at 8pm.

Admission is FREE, so come out and party!

Norm Sherman is the chief editor and charismatic host of the podcast phenomenon The Drabblecast, an award-winning audio fiction podcast featuring Strange Stories by Strange Authors for Strange Listeners. His eponymous debut CD, featuring bluegrass folk songs of whale milking, chupacabres, Jesus cloning and mob torture gone awry debuted in 2007 and earned Mr. Sherman 3rd Place in the Indie International Song Writing Competition, won CDbaby.coms Editors Choice Award, and is still frequently requested and played on the Dr. Demento show. Mr. Sherman lives in Baltimore, Maryland where he performs regularly with Dusty Magnum in a 2-piece bluegrass-comedy duo known as The Skidmarx.

Recent Review:

I’m not sure that people realize how difficult it is to write a funny song. We’re seeing a lot of comedians picking up the guitar these days, and a lot of them have a hard time making the transition from cracking wise to crafting an effective, humorous piece of music. Well, this gent leaves the one-liners alone and instead relies on dry wit and timing that work perfectly with the subtle, jangly, bluegrass-y brand of guitar playing that he incorporates as his backdrop.  

The deadpan delivery with which he delivers lines like “There’s a fetus in your kitchen/ I’m not hungry anymore” is so controlled and delicate, it can’t help but add a certain majesty to it all. Along these lines, it’s worth mentioning that the music here is actually pretty darn good. But, it’s the lyrics that are most likely to grab your attention. There’s torrid tales of dates gone wrong, traditional narrative ballads, and some tunes that, if not for the “blue” language, would border on semi-educational.  

It’s tough to bridge the gap between intelligent social commentary and slightly low-brow human anatomy jokes, but Norm’s well on his way to making it happen.  

— Brad, CD Baby Editor’s Pick, 2007