NIGHT SWEATS: Open Casting Call

Restless? It’s okay, we are too and would like to meet you.

EMP Collective is currently casting for its upcoming production, NIGHT SWEATS.  Night Sweats is a mixed-media on-your-feet theatrical journey through a dream-scape world acid-laced with puppet confidants, vultures, and swamp things.

The show will be a collaboration of theatre, movement, music, film, and visual art, and EMP Collective is currently casting for the following roles:

GORDON – 17,  About to enter college, has a morbid fear of a 7-foot tall anthropomorphic bird on a children’s show called Poppyseed Place, his only friend is a small puppet named Bluebarb prescribed to him to cope with his fears.

CONROY – An older man lost at sea in a boat. There is something off and uncomfortable about his presence.

CRYSTAL – 20s, southern (accent great, NOT necessary), left town after high school

TIFFANY – 20s, southern (accent great, NOT necessary), young mother, stayed in town

MOSS LADY – Once human, now a creature that lives in the swamps of Florida feeding herself and her dead family off lost passersby. She is the fodder of campfire legends come true.

BOG PEOPLE (3) – Former victims of the Moss Lady who haunt the woods. Movement experience a plus.


Sunday, 12/4 – 3-6pm

Monday, 12/5 – 6-9pm

Or by appointment.

Auditions will consist of readings and interviews. No preparation necessary.
Please bring a headshot and resume if available.

First Read: Monday, January 2

Rehearsals: January 2 – 20

Tech/Dress Rehearsals: January 21 – 25

Performances: January 26 – February 4

All auditions, rehearsals, and performances will take place at:


306 West Redwood Street in downtown Baltimore, MD.

On another note, there’s this guy:



  1. Tucker Foltz wrote:

    I would love to audition for the part of Gordon. I unfortunately had to work yesterday and tonight. Is it possible to come in at a separate time? I’m new to Baltimore and picked up a flyer for the auditions, it looks like a really awesome project. I have done a lot of professional acting in the past and I can supply a resume. Let me know. Thanks so much.

    Tucker Foltz

  2. I will now come to this site because my uncle norm (That SICK F*CK!!!) told me to. I do love him… in a disturbed Platonic sort of way. It is exactly like a Venus flytrap and its relationship with roundup tipped Kevlar coated weed eater string.
    The latest series of three stories should never… I mean it should always… be put forth
    on all grade school bullet boards and homework posting pages.
    It is because of your collaboration ( EMP ) that I have seen them, and I am now aware.
    It will never be unlearned or forgotten. Thank You!