MONDO FESTO at EMP and Psychic\Annex

AUGUST 20 – 22, 8PM

EMP COLLECTIVE (307 West Baltimore St)
PSYCHIC\\\ANNEX (219 Park Ave)

A celebration for the beginnings of Le Mondo ( and small sampling of the expansive performance work happening right now in the Greatest City in America. We’re excited? Are you excited? Let’s all be excited!

MONDO FESTO will be hosted over three nights at EMP Collective and Psychic\\Annex in downtown Baltimore. Check for further updates here:

Thursday, August 20, 8PM | $8-10 Sliding Scale
10-Minute Play Festival
@ EMP Collective

Friday, August 21, 8PM | $12-$15 Sliding Scale
10-Minute Play Festival, Eminent Domain, Opening Night Dance Party
@ EMP Collective

Saturday, August 22, 8PM | $12-$15 Sliding Scale
The Maids, What is Dance?
@ Psychic \\ Annex




10-Minute Play Festival
Curated by Sarah Jacklin, Annex Theater
Six playwrights, six directors, six weird worlds in one night. Featuring:

*Trouble in Old Maple by Brett Ableman
Directed by June Keating
*Shark Boyd S2 E6: The One with the Twist by Trevor Wilhelms
Directed by Martin Kasey
*Ebon Kojo: The Last Tribe by Scott Patterson
Directed by Nehprii Amenii
*Cherry Tarts on Mars by Molly Marguelies
Directed by Jake Budenz
Written and Directed by Rjyan Kidwell and Connor Kizer
*Basic Animal by Sarah Lamar
Devised and Directed by Dionna Fletcher

Eminent Domain
Curated by Carly J. Bales
Eminent Domain is a curated performance art event that uses the concept of Eminent Domain as a jumping-off point to explore power structures, ownership, domination, exploitation, and control – of the self and others.

Featuring the work of Jane Claire Remick, Marcelline, Talbolt Johnson, Kristin McWharter with Maura Dwyer, Jake Budenz with Alex D’Agostino, and Richard Munaba.

The Maids
Psychic Readings Company warps Jean Genet’s classic, spinning a whirligig of S&M power plays, bloody rituals and copious bouquets of fake deaths.

Devised by The Psychic Readings Co.

Featuring: Carly J. Bales, Nicolette Le Faye, and Kyra Evelyn.

What is Dance?
Curated by Isa Leal. Works from local movers and shakers.