This past Saturday was our last rehearsal at Woolly Mammoth Theatre in downtown DC before heading over to The Fridge for tech and show.


We the venerable at EMP wanna take a second to give the hugest internet shoutout/lovefest/googly eyed thank-you to those wonderful Woolly Mammoths toiling away in the Penn Quarter/Chinatown district of Washington, DC.

In a city notorious for short-comings in affordable, easily accessed rehearsal and performance space, Woolly certainly steps up for artists.

Let it be known, you guys effin’ rock. Great programming, amazing people, amazing facilities. If you are an artist looking for affordable rehearsal space or a space for short-run performances, workshops, readings, and so forth in DC, we highly recommend gettin’ down with these cats… or prehistoric land mammals… whatever. You catch our drift. Look here.

Brad and Maria takin' a break upstairs.

ALSO, check out Oedipus El Rey coming up there this month as part of their 31st season.

IN ADDITION, we have some sweet little pictures up on the Book of Face from our weekend rehearsals. We know you’re already lurkin’ up on that site so take a look-see!