LE MONDO meet and tour

Please join us for our first community charrette

Saturday, January 31, 2PM



As you might have heard:

“A theatre thing of some sorts is in the works on Howard street that a bunch of people are involved in that will be huge and will include, like, studios or a cafe or a bookstore and a bunch of theatres or something and I think it will be opening next month or next year or in five years and it’s called, uh, actually I don’t know what it’s called.”

Yep, that’s about what the buzz has been sounding like. EMP Collective, Annex Theater, and Psychic Readings have joined together alongside Acme Corporation, Stillpointe Theatre Initiative, and Movement Research Baltimore, among others, in an effort to create a community-driven, artist-owned arts incubator and three experimental performance venues.

You may have read about the initiative in its first stages through Baynard Wood’s article in the Baltimore City Paper, an article and followup article by Tim Smith in the Baltimore Sun, or by word of mouth. Now, as we form and develop our ambitious project on Howard Street, we are looking for input and help from YOU.

We’re organizing a walk-through and open charrette on January 31st, so you can see the spaces, hear some of our plans, give us your feedback, and do some Q&A.

There are some questions we CAN answer with certainty. The name, for example: Le Mondo! But before we decide on some of the more critical details about the project, we want to hear from YOU first and build this project together, designing the project as a response to the demands and desires of our community.

This community meeting is open to everyone, so feel free spread the word to anyone who might be interested in attending. The charrette will be hosted by Ric Royer (Psychic Readings), Evan Moritz (Annex Theater), and Carly J. Bales (EMP Collective), leaders of the Le Mondo project.

Please RSVP to  ricroyer@gmail.com to confirm attendance. 




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  1. […] LE MONDO hinges on the acquisition of three long unoccupied but promising buildings on Howard Street across from Current Gallery. Over time and working collectively, the goal is to create a large multi-purpose arts space where each organization can occupy and present work. The plans also call for a variety of other community components and it is a big proposal—but these are determined artists with a big vision. The buildings are solid but need an enormous amount of work. […]