January’s Gallery Opening, Joshua Mikel feat. Jess Johnson:

Is it “better to burn out than to fade away”?. . .

Or to get dismembered by shark attack?

Get on your big kid pants–for his gallery show at EMP, we asked illustrator Joshua Mikel of Sharkguts Design to respond to NIGHT SWEATS, our upcoming theatre piece exploring irrational fears.

Joshua dove deep into his paranoid psyche from childhood to present and began to visually catalog some of his worst (and often absurd) fears about dying in a collection aptly titled–A Million and One Awful Ways to Die.

The opening will now be featuring works from Atlanta artist Jess Johnson as well!

We’re kicking off the gallery opening with a party on FRIDAY THE 13th!

Opening Party: Friday, January 13th. 8PM. Free Admission.
Gallery Open: January 13th – February 5th. Open Wed-Fri 12-6pm

Photo (left) by  Robert Bryce Milburn 

Joshua Mikel pretty much does everything: Aside from freelance art and design (Sharkguts Design), Josh is a writer and actor. His latest play Shelter (one of our Cans n Drafts summer readings) was a 2011 Princess Grace Fellowship finalist, and had its first production at Lock Haven University November of 2011. His new play, Aesop, Come Back! was commissioned by and had its debut with Mount Paran Academy (Kennesaw, GA) in October 2011. He recently appeared as “Clay” in the feature film Crackerjack (executive produced by Jeff Foxworthy) (!!!) due out in 2012. Joshua’s Facebook page tells you he likes pizza, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Dirty South, and drawing creepy lil’ bucktoothed characters he calls pals.

(Perhaps that’s why Joshua likes us at EMP so much . . .)

Jess / Jeff / Jessica Johnson is responsible for a body of work, mostly comics, from which these pieces are selected. In 1993-4, Fantagraphics Books published the comic book ‘Nurture the Devil’ which he wrote and drew. She has since passed through a gender prism of identity to confound available pronouns; now it is indifferent to the dialectic trappings of facile flesh. They are engaged in the generation of image, text and sound for the absurdly grandiose purpose of creating a world worth living in, draped over the armature of our extant, insufficient landscape. Jess can be reached at jess dot jonsun at gmail dot com. Older work lives at www. uroboricacid.com and the newer has a home at www.spambotsandziggurats.com. As a musical performance concern, the handle ‘w/o’ (without) has been chosen; recorded output is available at www.soundcloud.com/without.