It’s heeeere…


We are, too. Join EMP on its mixed-media-on-your-feet theatrical voyage through an acid-laced dreamscape complete with puppet confidants, murderous vultures, swamp things, and all the terrors that keep us up while the whole world is sound asleep.

1/26 at 8PM (pay-what-you-can preview)
1/27-1/28 at 8PM
1/29 at 7PM (DOUBLE FEATURE performance with Odd Sundays Film Screening)
1/30 at 8PM
2/2-2/4 at 8PM

Tickets, $15, on sale at

NIGHT SWEATS follows 17-year-old, Gordon on the hunt for his missing psychiatrist-prescribed beloved puppet, Bluebarb. As Gordon searches for what has been his only friend and safety blanket he must fight against a long-time fear that has plagued Gordon for years: a 7-foot-tall anthropomorphic bird character from the popular children’s show, Poppyseed Place.

This immersive, on-your-feet, devised theatre piece is a true collaboration featuring over 30 writers, actors, musicians, film makers, designers, dancers and artists from Baltimore, Washington, DC and beyond. Through this collaboration, EMP Collective hopes to not only display the individual talents of each artist but also nurture new growth and connections amongst the different collaborators involved. These talented contributors are in the process of creating the nightmarish world of Gordon’s subconscious, which will take the audience on a journey through the middle of a dark sea, a Technicolor tripped-out children’s show, and the wooded swamps of Florida. In the end, NIGHT SWEATS is about the irrational fears that don’t just haunt our hero, but us as well.

Featuring performances/contributions/awesomeness from ALL these collaborators:

Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Experimental Dance Collective (movement), Stillpointe Theatre Initiative (musical development), Katy Dubina (EMP, music composition), Brad Cartwright (EMP, film), Nolan Cartwright (EMP, tech director), Christine Demuth (actor), Michael Wills (actor), Ryan Haase (STI, set design), Leiliani Uttenreither (cello), Natalie Drutz (costume design), Daniel Dobrosielski (puppet design), Maggie Villegas (EMP, producing director), Eric Bowers (lighting design), & Nichole Chaney (stage manager).

Washington, DC – Carly J. Bales (EMP, artistic director), Elissa Goetschis (EMP, director), Rachel Inez Lane (EMP, writer/director), Maura Krause (Dramaturg), Alex Vaughan (actor) &  Susannah Wells (actor).

Beyond – Writers Dan Caffrey (Tympanic Theatre Company, Chicago), Cameron Stuart (Couch Couch, Atlanta), Josh Mikel (Sharkguts Design, Atlanta)