It’s Finally Happening… for the third time! Nolan Cartwright and Ken Jordan are back at it again with IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING WITH NOLAN AND KEN WITH A VENGEANCE.  Join us on January 12 at 9pm for a full lineup of performances by local Baltimore artists–musical, visual, comical, and, in some cases, olfactoral.

Saturday, January 12, 9pm at EMP
307 W. Baltimore Street
$5 at the door.


Nolan Cartwright aka DEMZilla aka the Smoke Monster aka the Better Brother is a mixed-media artist, musician, and video game specialist from Tallahassee, FL. When he’s not riding his bicycle around town in slacks and custom sleeveless Ts, you can find probably find him at the closest bar or pizza place. He can also make dolphin noises with his mouth. Recently, he built the bar for EMP’s new home. You’re welcome.

Ken Jordan is a transplant from Monticello, FL by way of Arcata, CA.  He plays the ukulele, watches too much television, and can quote several movies in their entirety including  Ghostbusters, Lethal Weapon 3, and Event Horizon. Currently hard at work on a “flan-belly”, Ken has appeared in every show EMP Collective has ever produced. And now this.


Dave DeDionisio is a local home brewer and classical guitarist. He also writes for the music blog Those Who Dig, and can sometimes be seen as his alter ego, Dusty Magnum, playing with fantasy-scifi-novelty-song troubadour Norm Sherman.

Jason Ager is a self-taught acoustic guitarist with hip-hop and R&B influences. You can catch him playing up and down the east coast.

Brett W. Thompson is an artist and animator whose work has been chosen to appear in several animation festivals throughout the world, including the Atlanta Film Festival and the Montezuma International Film Festivals. His live painting has been featured in New York City and Baltimore. See his work at FluidToons.

The AcaHolics are a local 20+-member a capella singing group.  All recent graduates of UMBC, they have performed throughout the Baltimore/D.C. Area, most recently at the benefit “Art For Animals” at EMP Collective.

The Manly Deeds are quite possibly the greatest bluegrass band in the world.  They have just released their new album HARD TIMES FOR THE ANIMAL KINGDOM, one of Baltimore City Paper’s Top Ten Local Country and Folk Albums of the Year!.  Take a listen here.