If you don’t love me…THINGS ARE GONNA HAPPEN.

People are fucking crazy. One of our visual artists for (…and you’re just not good enough) wants to know how far people will go to be loved and avoid rejection. As part of his series for the show, Joshua Mikel of Sharkguts Design wants you to unhinge your psyche and give us your best id-filled ending to:

If you don’t love me…_________”

The three most cringeworthy, disturbing, heartfelt, or just plain weird threats will be the inspiration for three of Josh’s pieces to be displayed at The Fridge during the run of (…and you’re just not good enough).

LOVE ME...and this dog too, GODDAMNIT!

LOVE ME...and this dog too, GODDAMNIT!


  1. empcollective wrote:

    A few already suggested via the book of Face:

    …I’ll learn how to time travel and not take you with me.
    …I will take your heart and carry it with mine so you can never love again.
    ‎…I’m going to sell your mom on Ebay
    …I’m going to make like Clay Aiken and watch you in your room…forever.
    … I’m not going to share the lotto money I plan to win.
    … I’m going to destroy the cure for cancer I found.

    • More! wrote:

      If you don’t love me, at least give me my dog back
      If you don’t love me, then who left the coffin full of roses on my doorstep? Oh.
      If you don’t love me, that’s okay because I don’t love you either.
      If you don’t love me, please return my kidney as soon as possible.
      If you don’t love me, then I’m going to live with Mom.
      If you don’t love me, I will fill the void with distance and time.
      If you don’t love me……I’ll climb the tallest tree in town and using only knitting yarn, will bungee jump from the highest, thinnest branch…. All while blaring sad, country, breakup songs from a 1990’s style boom-box I’ll have tied around my kneck like a flavor flav clock……
      If you don’t love me, i’ll cook may way into someone elses heart..
      If you don’t love me….take your shit and get out of my HEART!!!
      If you don’t love me, I’ll hire a clown to stare at you while you sleep.
      If you don’t love me, I’m taking the juicer.
      If you don’t love me I’ll hire a hacker for your brain & see what it’s missing.
      If you don’t love me, I’ll build a doll that looks just like you and then not love it.
      If you Don’t love me, who will?
      If you don’t love me, then why do you leave your blinds open?
      If you don’t love me than I’ll jump out this window!
      If you don’t love me, then why did you ride through that forest on a dairy cow for days?
      If you don’t love me, fine, I’m going to eat your face with hot sauce and ranch and a side of beans, and after I’m fat and full, I’ll loudly belch your name tacked onto some profanity that I probably heard in an Adam Rapp play or a Tarantino film which will remind me that Pulp Fiction is playing at the Angelica one-night-only and I need to pick up some roll-ups and a blonde bobbed wig to complete my ON-SAAM-BLEUGH and I wonder if I could get a hypodermic needle from my second cousin who’s a doctor I like to be best dressed a regular Jackie — OH could he pump my stomach too YOURFACEISGIVINGMEINDIGESTION!!!
      If you don’t love me, then how come you gave me the hot chocolate with more marshmallows?
      If you don’t love me…….. take your friends with you…
      If you don’t love me, love somebody else.
      If you don’t love me, i’ll hold my breath until someone better comes along.
      If you don’t love me, love my invisible best friend so we can still hang out.
      If you don’t love me, fuck me.

      • More! wrote:

        …I’ll turn the tattoo of your name on my arm into the word “bitch”
        …I’ll call your mom and tell her about your fetish.
        …I’ll add your name to the herpes alert website.
        …I will go out in the back yard and dig up worms
        …I wont let you ride with me up thru the north Georgia mountains and experience the mountain twisty roads, the clean air, the winding brooks, and the wonderful homemade b-b-q lunches.
        …I wont take you fishing with me and let you see the sun rise on the water or the thrilling sunsets bouncing off the lakes reflection.
        …I’m gon give you heartworms.
        …I’ll write a song for you and burn it before you ever hear it.
        …I’ll don a Buddhist robe and light myself on fire. You’ll find my heart while sifting through the ashes.

  2. More! wrote:

    “…your daughter will”
    “…then I was right all along”
    “…you better puke up that Red Lobster I bought you”
    “…then why are you crying?”
    “… I’ll be canceling your flight reservation”
    “… then i have nothing more to learn from you”
    “… this will make me feel less guilty about the HPV”
    “… then my plan is working”
    “… you’re obviously not ready for someone who aspires to be something more than a gel-headed, pre-designed-tattoo wearing, jacked-up knuckle-dragger with a minimum-wage career, who feels an undeserved sense of pride over never learning anything, drinking copious amounts of poorly-crafted alcoholic beverages, and letting corporate america, under the guise of popular culture, dictate how he should look, what he should listen to, and how he should feel. ”
    “…maybe my dick can convince you otherwise.”