Home Brew Hullabaloo at EMP

EMP Collective and ThoseWhoDig.Net present the Homebrew Hullabaloo! 


Brew aficionados! Hear ye! Hear ye! It’s a showdown for the ages and this time, it’s PERSONAL. Over a dozen local homebrewers will throw their hops in the ring on February 22 at 8pm.Accompanied by Sticky Buns Burlesque and some of the best damn music Baltimore has to offer (courtesy of Norm Sherman, Inca, and the Chris Pumphrey Sextet), YOU will play brew judge for the night.A donation of $10 gets you a refillable cup, a judging sheet, and the opportunity to get well-acquainted with the beers and their brewers before choosing your three favorites. Grand prize is $50 worth of home brewing supplies from the Maryland Homebrew Store!

Join us for a night of music, brews, and mostly bare skin!


Homebrew Hullabaloo
Friday, February 22, 8pm at EMP
307 W Baltimore Street
$10 suggested donation for tickets, available at the door.



Sticky Buns Burlesque is a Baltimore/ D.C. based troupe dedicated to pushing boundaries in both the art form of burlesque and our society at large. They produce original, high caliber shows that artfully and mindfully explore a cohesive theme, concept, or narrative. Their innovative performances will empower and entertain audiences by challenging conventions with sexy, comedic commentary. They aim to create tableaux of strange and arresting beauty through liberating, joyous performance, and desire to take their audiences on journeys that make them laugh, think, revel in bizarre freakishness, and feel alive.

Norm Sherman is a local singer/songwriter who brings together his expert classical guitar skills and his love for the strange, silky-slimy underbelly of the universe.  Songs such as “There’s A Fetus in Your Kitchen” and “Jesus Clones” will delight the ear and slit the heart in twain.  He has released two albums, and, when playing live, is often accompanied by Dave DeDionisio’s alter ego, Dusty Magnum.  He also authors Drabblecast, the prestigious fantasy lit blog.

Inca is the fledgling solo project of keyboardist Jon Birkholz, bringing together Baltimore’s finest to play his intricate pop songs. “[Inca] sounds like riff rock, big band, Jackson Browne, and Radiohead, all dressed up in jorts. Their compositional swagger comes from the fact that their front man, Jon Birkholz, is a jazz pianist by training, and I like that in taking on this new role he still retained the idea that songwriting is just that – writing. Whatever genre you want to call this project, music making always benefits from forethought and shape and [Inca’s] songs had both of these.” (Those Who Dig)

Chris Pumphrey Sextet is a group of varying size that originated as “The Financial Group” back in the day. “At two guitars, two alto saxophones, two tenor saxophones, two drums, and a bassist, the sex in the Chris Pumphrey Sextet is more visceral than numerical. Each piece is conducted by Chris Pumphrey who wields a National Bohemian for a conductor’s baton in one hand, while the other brandishes an alto saxophone.” Those Who Dig