The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

On behalf of the team, I want to thank every last one of you who donated, came out to events, was patient during tech issues, laughed their ass off at a show, was terrified at a show, wrote an article about us, bought amazing new art, was ready for everything and anything we threw their way, and who actively supported  our programming and the emerging artists of the Baltimore/DC scene who filled it.

We are in the second year of our great adventure and in a new space at 307 West Baltimore in downtown Baltimore. We’re karate-kicking 2013 already. While, I gave up on alphabetical order after about the first paragraph, here’s a (hopefully comprehensive) list of the talent that has brimmed out our doors into the Baltimore/DC communities:

EMP Artist-Admin Team
Carly J Bales
Brad Cartwright
Nolan Cartwright
Katy Dubina
Ken Jordan
Chelsea Newhouse
Maggie Villegas

Visual Artists
Joshua Mikel
Sara Barnes
Sara Moore
Greg Schmigel
Amanda Burnham
Brett W Thompson
Teddy Johnson
Heather Rounds
Andrew Shenker
Annie Farrar
Charlotte Keniston
Chris Fitzwater
Christine Stiver
Daniel Van Allen
Dominic Terlizzi
Dominique Zeltzman
Grant Whipple
Hannah Brancato
Hannah Mandel
Joseph Young
Kaitlin Murphy
Laure Drogoul
Max Bent
Melissa Webb
Michael Masatsugu
Minas Konsolas
Rachel Wolfson
Valeska Populoh
Dana Jeri Maier
Joshua Copeland
Kate McGraw
Logan Kornhauser
Nguyen K. Nguyen
Rachel Eisley
Ram Brisueno
Robert Marbury
Ryan Maxwell
Shitty Bedford
Zachary Handler
Tyne Lowe
Stephanie Kwak
Madeleine Pierce
Alexis DeVance

C Denby Swanson
Liz Maestri
Cameron Stuart
Daniel Caffrey
Ishai Barnoy
Zack Cohen
Tracy Dimond
Kate Gillespie
Rachel Inez Lane
Steve Mandes
Antonio Paterniti
Cari Peri
Paige Cohen
Sarah Nicole Smetana
Angela Koh
Charline Tetiyevsky
CarlaJean Valluzi
Amelia Carroll
Andrew Sargus Klein
Anna Levy
Dave K
Diana Kugel
Emily Mininsohn
Jake Reid
Sarah Weissman

Theatre Makers and Designers
Elissa Goetschius
Nichole Chaney
Daniel Dobrosielski
David Shuhy
Steven Krigel
Natalie Drutz
Eric Bowers
Ryan Haase

Performers & Musicians
David London
Jeramie Bellamy
Carolyn Myers
Mary-Alice Farina
Marc Rehr
Karen O’Connell
Maya Jackson
Alex Vaughan
Manon Parent
Michael Wills
Christine Demuth
Susannah Wells
Andrew Peters
Erin Gleeson
Connor Kizer
Caroline Marcantoni
Ben O’Brien
R.M. O’Brien
Gavin Riley
Sto Len
Hurricanes of Love
Grid of Pleiades
Leilani Uttenreither
Norm Sherman

Stillpointe Theatre Initiative
The Fridge
Annex Theatre
Rotating History Project
Baltimore Experimental Dance Collective
DoomHilda & Friends
Writer’s Bloq
Hearty White

There’s been more I’m sure but I’m tuckered out already! Thank you all so much. Here’s to kicking ass this coming year.


Carly J Bales
Artistic Director
the rest of the gang


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*image from the art of Zachary Z Handler