GENESIS in Baltimore last week, this week in DC

Photos from the first opening in Baltimore at EMP are up and ready to be stared at. If you couldn’t make it out because of some unforeseen act of God or because you had a SERIOUS lapse in judgement and are now reevaluating your life choices, you have a second chance at glory!

Friday, August 24th we’ll be rocking at The Fridge from 7-10PM in Washington, DC. It will be a little different than the Baltimore edition. There will be no dancers (frown), more visual art (grin), possibly more new musicians (conspiratorial smile), but also the same full healthy serving of art, creation, good times, and superb new friends.


Ken Jordan reads some of the inspiration pieces for the work while Mike Castor plays improvisational percussion.

To quote Matthew Frazier-Smith, who performed a dance piece with Core Project Chicago, “This has been such a great experience! […] I feel like I’m just walking around, talking to new people, and looking at work with a huge art boner right now […]” A paraphrased quote that will live in infamy for eternity like all the Greats.

Here at EMP, we say Art Boners For All!

Matthew Frazier-Smith of Core Project performs a dance piece inspired by "Authority".

Naturally, we have tons of great photos since I get all excited and snap away. HERE are some more photos to get you all hot’n’bothered for this Friday in DC!

…Did I just extend that boner metaphor on accident?

…Did I do it again?!

This can’t end well.


Over and out,