For Those Who Like to Plan

Do you file your taxes in January? Own more than one labelmaker?  Spend your Saturday afternoons sorting your boyfriend’s sock drawer?

Don’t worry.  EMP can help.

Advanced tickets are now officially on sale for EMP’s upcoming lovefest: (…and you’re just not good enough).  Thanks to the friendly folks at The Fridge, DC – You can secure your seats online through  Brown Paper Tickets.

Buy your tickets now!

Buy your tickets now!

No more I-have-to-walk-15-blocks-in-the-freezing-rain-without-knowing-if-those-goddamned-cash-only-hippies-will-have-a-ticket-for-me-anxiety-attacks for you, friend!  Sure, it’s no Xanax prescription, but for a measly $15, you too can balk as roses, elitist ingenues and chickens compete for your affection.

(…and you’re just not good enough) performances are February 10-12 at 8pm as part of the Fridge’s first annual Fresh Produce Festival of Live Art.

Check it:

Festival of Live Art



  1. Danai wrote:

    I just filed my taxes today, but I only own one labelmaker.