I know we’ve all been peeing our pants a little over all this. I mean, in late 2009, some weirdo college grads (Maggie, Ken, and I) decided to get together after years of not working together and produce a sick, twisted little offspring of a devised theatre piece we called WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! A bunch of newly met locals (Katy, Steven, and our cast and crew) and old college friends (Brad, Cameron, Ilan, Rachel, and Will) came together and helped realize the show shortly thereafter in January 2010. Somehow, it all worked, we didn’t kill each other, people loved it, and we even got our own hilarious spread in the arts section of the Baltimore City Paper (WE’RE ALL GONNA TO DIE!).

A little over a year later, and we’ve managed to keep the ball of creative and productive juices running (ball of juices…mmm) by incorporating our organization, creating and producing our second piece on rejection (…and you’re just not good enough) in Washington, D.C., winning a $10,000 grant from some awesome people in Baltimore (DPOB), producing more readings and short films, opening up a space of our own, and officially becoming a 501(c)3 non-profit org.

Oh, did we mention that? We’re a friggin’ non-profit! So feel free to tell all your philanthropic friends looking to unload wads of cash to hardworking, art-making, love-dealing local organizations that their contributions to EMP are now tax-deductible.

Time to stock up on lady suits,