Condo Condo Condoland Opens in May at EMP


Condo Condo Condoland  offers a darkly comedic and surreal take on the pursuit of happiness in a modern world. Dan and Jillian have it all: Good jobs, fiscal stability, a beautiful luxury condo in an up-and-coming neighborhood, a food processor. Yet, they can’t help but feel something is missing. Jillian wants a baby, Dan wants. . . something else. Holed up in their condo on a government-mandated staycation, Dan and Jillian out their days in blissful domestic routine. That is, until a mysterious Outsider disrupts their comfortable arrangement.

In other words, think Scenes from a Marriage meets Total Recall.

World Premiere from playwright Liz Maestri

PWYC Preview May 2 at 8PM
May 3-4 and 9-11 at 8PM



  1. Gabby wrote:

    Are there going to be other dates to see this? I am an out-of-towner who wants to see this play!

    • empcollective wrote:

      For now, this is what we’ll have! This is the first production of piece developed through our Cans n Drafts program so we hope to develop it further and take it to other cities as well.

  2. Rudy wrote:

    This looks great.