Cans n Drafts Short Play Series

APRIL 29 – MAY 1, 8PM

8 playwrights & 8 directors bring you 8 new short plays, freshly squeezed from EMP’s Cans n Drafts winter workshop. In the span of 7 weeks, these plays will have gone from an idea, a poem, or an incomplete first draft to being shared with a live audience.

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Zach Bopst
Amelia Carroll
Nairobi Collins
Christianna Clark
Dave Iden
Jonathan Jacobs
Tim Paggi
Ren Pepitone

Alisa Brock
Josh Buursma
Nairobi Collins
Christine Ferrera
Noelle Tolbert
Peter Toran
Caitlin Weaver
Mani Yangilmau

Erin Boots
Zach Bopst
Brandi Elizabeth Brown
Scott Burke
Amelia Carroll
Jackie Cast
Nick Fruit
Nigel Ray Garcia
Dan Hanrahan
Dave Iden
V Lee
Jamal Loving
Logan Lynch
Tim Paggi
Ren Pepitone
Margaret Bromilow Peterson
Jess Rivera
Alex Scally
Michael Stevenson
Lori Travis
Dana Woodson

Led by member Brad Leroy Cartwright (MFA 2012)

Cans n’ Drafts is a development series that focuses on the literary arts, featuring writing workshops, staged readings, and realized productions, on the stage, screen, and page.

The goals of Cans n’ Drafts are three-fold: first, to provide a venue and environment to help diverse, local writers & artists to develop their craft; second, to grow participation in and awareness of Baltimore’s literary arts community and to provide an incubator for literary talent in the city; and third, to provide opportunities for nascent writers to receive feedback from the community and to see their works developed and produced in a collaborative setting.