Gallery Show + Film Submissions: mIrrorspeak

mIrrorspeak is curated by Carly J Bales and will feature multidisciplinary work addressing self-identity.


What should I call me? How should I call me?

Identity formation is a push and pull of the external versus the internal, a constant redefining of “I” against the “other”. This ongoing conflict plays central in how we present this self to the world. Artists were invited to create works that explore their personal process of self-identification and presentation. These self-portraits” will open on Friday, November 15 from 7-10PM.


mIrrorspeak Home Movie and Film Event

We are also now accepting submissions for a film event in conjunction with mIrrorspeak and International Home Movie Day.  The program will be curated by Tim Wisniewski and Dwight Swanson.

The event will include home movies and amateur films that are in some way an audiovisual self-portrait.  These films may show a defining event in a moviemaker’s life, depict something personal about the maker or his or her family, or reflect a personal relationship between the film and its contributor.

Contributors are encouraged to submit traditional unedited home movies on film or video, either historical or contemporary, or short finished films. Priority will be giving to contributors who can attend the event in person.

SCREENING DATE November 2013


 Image Credit: Henrietta Harris, 2012
Image Credit: Henrietta Harris


  1. Chip Irvine wrote:


    Is this proposal for a group or solo show?

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  2. How many films can one submit to the mIrrorspeak Home Movie and Film Event? Thanks for your time and concern.