Cans n Drafts Summer Poetry Party

Kick back with a cold drink and join the Cans n Drafts Summer Poetry Workshop in celebration of their hard work and sweat! We’ve literally sweated through the heat wave and the eternal question: “what is poetry?”

Wednesday 8/8
@EMP Collective
307 W Baltimore St., Baltimore, MD 21201

Lauri Rollins Anderson
Alex Saeko Appah
Elaina Bowman
Aurora Engle-Pratt
Bobby English Jr.
Kate Gillespie
Sarah Green
Cherae N’Dia
Lynne Price
Laura Smith
Charlotte Stone
Rob Thornton

Special thanks to Tracy Dimond, MFA, Co-Founder InkPress Productions Author of I Want Your Tan and Sorry I Wrote So Many Sad Poems Today

EMP’s Cans n Drafts Writing & Development Program is an affordable, encouraging, and casual environment for writers to congregate and develop new works.