Queer Pulse

THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 8PM – A night of performance featuring John Moletress’ JARMAN (all this maddening beauty). $10
FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 8PM – A film screening night with short performances and installations. $5


Our second annual Pulse event dedicated to the exploration of queerness in its many iterations. This year, we’re hosting a two night run of performances. Organized by Carly J. Bales and Alex D’Agostino.



Thursday, June 11 is headlined by John Moletress’ solo piece, JARMAN (all this maddening beauty), a performative gesture inspired by iconic queer artist, filmmaker and gardener Derek Jarman. Text by Caridad Svitch. (70 min.) Opening works from Queerstories’ Lezbian Popcorn Cart, Waqia Abdul-Kareem, and Megan McShea. $10

Friday, June 12 features a night of short film works from Richard Munaba, Xon Henry, Coral Short, Sarah Hill and Hayley Morgenstern, and Jane Clair Remick screened alongside performances from Jacob Budenz, Delesslin George-Warren, Lynne Price & Andrew Sargus Klein. $5




John Moletress
John Moletress is a multi-disciplined artist who collides the cerebral and the visceral in performance through collaborations with artists of mixed disciplines, cultural backgrounds and intentions of artistic expression.  His primary focus is the deconstruction of Western ideology by way of an intercultural dialogue which explores the  architecture of contemporary life through a deep understanding of the human condition.
Waqia Abdul-Kareem


Megan McShea
I am the author of “How to have a day” from Ink Press Productions, and “A Mountain City of Toad Splendor” from Publishing Genius Press. I also compiled an edited the anthology “Ancient Party: Collaborations in Baltimore 2000-2010.” In 2014, I curated a reading called “Spoke” for the Transmodern festival. I work as an archivist by day, and I have been reading and writing and performing in Baltimore since 2000.

Lezbian Popcorn
Queerstories’ Lezbian Popcorn Cart is a mobile monument to Baltimore’s queer hystories. With a nod to lesbian cultural corn traditions, and an opportunity to repeatedly say the word ‘lesbian’ out loud, Queerstories celebrates the range of Baltimore’s rich queer legacy and invites you to expand the hot, fresh conversation.

Queerstories is a collaboration of Kate Drabinski, Olivia Robinson, and Rachael Shannon, and everyone else they engage with.


Jacob Budenz
Jacob Budenz (Jake Bee, Dream Baby, the Booze Witch of H House) is a queer writer, multi-disciplinary perfomer, and witch currently based in Baltimore. His work explores realms of new and old myth, possession, spoken and written words, ritual, gender performativity and gender noncomformity, storytelling, language, the modern witch, the mythologized other. A resident actor at the Baltimore Annex Theater, he has performed at such Baltimore venues as The EMP Collective and the Baltimore Museum of Art as well as Witchbitch (DC), Little Berlin (Philadelphia), and La Xata La Rifa (Spain). Some journals he’s appeared in include Potluck Magazine, Hinchas de Poesía, and Sein und Werden.


DeLesslin George-Warren
DeLesslin’s work is located at the intersection of Catawba culture, academic research, and social justice through the media of performance and interaction. Much of his work finds frameworks within traditional Catawba stories and seeks to create modern, poetic adaptations that ignite within the audience the ferocious imagination of Catawba storytellers. DeLesslin hails from the Catawba Indian Nation in South Carolina, graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2014 with a degree in operatic performance/musical composition, and currently resides in Washington, DC.


Lynne Price
Lynne Price holds an MFA in dance from UMD. Lynne’s current research interests are embodied feminism, embodied gender exploration, creative practice, site-specific performance and dance as activism. Lynne performs with many artists and companies throughout the Baltimore/DC area. Lynne is constantly making work, performing, and teaching.


Andrew Sargus Klein
Andrew Sargus Klein is pursuing an MFA in creative writing and publishing arts at the University of Baltimore. He is half of Klein/Price, an improvisational music and poetry performance group, and his chapbook Bluemore was published by Furniture Press Books in the Fall of 2014.



Richard Munaba
My name in Richard Munaba and I work in multi-media ranging from sculpture, video, photography, and design. Through my works, I explore queer themes/identity, desire, relationship, the Internet(as a space and as today’s contemporary culture), and other contemporary human condition.


Xon Henry
Xon grew up in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountain and attended the University of Richmond for BAs in International Politics & Studio Art. Xe traveled to NYC to received a MA in Arts Politics from NYU|Tisch. Xon is now pursuing an MFA in Studio Art from James Madison University. Along this journey, xe has received fellowships and grants from xer respective universities, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Mildred’s Lanes, and Arts Council of the Valley. They currently organize/create/manage/live the Old Furnace Artist Residency in Harrisonburg, VA.


Sarah Hill & Hayley Morgenstern
Sarah Hill lives in Austin, Texas. They had their first international solo show at Le Lieu The Contemporary Art Center, Québec, Canada. They have performed at the following places, International Performance Platform Festival in Lublin, Poland at Gallery Labirynt. And at Performatorium 2014: Festival of Queer Performance Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Sarah received their MFA from the Museum School in partnership with Tufts University, Boston. They have studied with Black Market International at the Festival of live Art in Glasgow, Scotland. They have performed at Mobius, Proof Gallery and Anthony Greaney in Boston, Grace Exhibition Space in New York, and at little berlin in Philadelphia. They have screened videos in Melbourne Australia, Scotland, Canada, Miami and New York. Sarah has worked on projects with William Pope. L (Cusp) and Roderick Buchanan (Swim).

Hayley Morgenstern received their BFA from The School of The Museum of Fine Arts in conjunction with Tufts University.  They have recently started pursuing a combined degree in Information Studies/Women and Gender Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.   Their interdisciplinary performance practice crosses through fields of intellectual and creative discourses; including queer theory, performance studies and art history. Morgenstern’s photography and performance work has been shown nationally and internationally, including events and exhibitions at Anthony Greaney (Boston), Lumen Festival and Galerie Zurcher (New York) and Golden Thread Gallery (Belfast). Morgenstern has been working on the collaborative performance-based project It Might Get Better with Creighton Baxter since 2011 and collaborative video works with interdisciplinary artist Sarah Hill.


Jane Claire Remick
I invite audiences and participants into physical and virtual spaces that waver between reality and fiction. Using sincere parody to take audiences on hyperreal journeys, I try to bring individual meaning to tired tropes and ask audiences to question authenticity in order to generate new ways of seeing, hearing, and experiencing personal, social, and historical events. I explore the genealogy of aesthetics; that is, how does the use of visual and textual language reproduce certain individual and group identities, create historical narratives, and reify socioeconomic relationships in a process of social reproduction. Creating parallel planes is achieved through unapologetic appropriation of signifiers such as institutional voice and stock images, sociological and archival inquiry, pedagogical techniques such as socio-dramatic play, and temporal juxtaposition of visual and verbal language. Creating such hyperreal, experiential spaces is often an elaborate and formidable task, best executed through interdisciplinary collaboration. Recent outcomes of my individual work and collaborations have included the launch of a small business and a foundation, academic panel discussions gone wrong, the development of educational online applications, and the hacking of stock images.