pulse: performance art salon

THURSDAY | February 19 | 8PM | $5

This month’s salon features:

Madeline Joan
The Ballad of The White Knight: or, contemplations on the construction and potential deconstruction of white feminine sexuality in western culture.

Madeline Joan is a budding performance artist and hopeful queer puppeteer living and working in The Greatest City in America.


Hoesy Corona
City High
A site specific performance that investigates the rock bottom lows of a City. For 60+ minutes I will walk the paper streets of Amanda Burnham’s ideal city installation spanning multiple rooms “dosing” on and off throughout my journey.

Hoesy Corona (b. Mexico 1986) is a multidisciplinary Artist and Independent Curator living and working in Baltimore MD. He is the Founding, Co-Director of Labbodies Performance Art Laboratory(2014-Present) and served as the Co-Founding Creative Director of The Copycat Theatre (2009-2012). In his work Corona investigates the realms of Performance, Installation, Fibers and Costume. Corona’s colorful sculptural and performance-based works are created as new myths that tell the story of those who exist on the margins, borders and peripheries of society and historically have been under attack. Corona explains the participation of Queer bodies in a world severed by “borderlands” using dynamic and compelling performances and inventive sculptures fitted to the human body.

In 2014 Corona received an Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation fellowship.In 2013 Corona was honored with a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award, was a semi-finalist for the Janet and Walter Sondheim Prize and participated in the Maryland Art Place series “30 UNDER 30”. In 2011 he received a B-Grant for his efforts with The Copycat Theatre.

Corona’s curatorial efforts include: “Rooms Play”, The Copycat Theatre 2010; “Rooms Play 2”,The Transmodern Festival | Current Space, 2011; “Over|Under Limbo” | Labbodies, Transmodern Festival | Subbasement Gallery, 2014; “Fast Forward Future” | Labbodies, Baltimore Museum of Art, Merrick Entrance,Fox Court,Antioch Court & Atrium, 2014.


Allyson Washington & Greg Bowen
Untitled (In the Androgynous Dark)

Allyson Washington and Greg Bowen and multidisciplinary performers based in Baltimore, MD.



A project of EMP Collective member Carly J. Bales, Pulse is a regularly-occurring salon and event series for the discussion and development of performance art work in Baltimore.



Images from Pulse “What is queer performance” July (featured below: Ada Pinkston) and Pulse “Femininity and the Feminine Image” (featured below: Lian Tsai) December, 2014.