EMP Collective and Ink Press Productions present the first-annual Litscape: a day long festival to celebrate the greater Baltimore literary community.

Litscape will include live readings, indy and local presses, live music, literary talks, demonstrations, after party, and more.

Saturday, Dec 13th

Beast Grrl
Circle of Light
EMP Collective
Michelle Dwyer
Free State Review
Furniture Press
Hidden City Quarterly
Infinity’s Kitchen
Ink Press Productions
Madison & Cathedral
Plork Press
Seltzer Zine
WORMS Quarterly
Writers & Words

Theresea Columbus
Community Center
Bobby Donnie
DP the Emcee
EMP Collective
Kathy Fahey
Linda Franklin
Dave K.
Dylan Kinnett
Klein / Prince
Love the Poet
Megan McShea
The Mole Suit Choir
RM OBrian
Tim Paggi
Carabella Sands
CarlaJean Valluzzi
Barrett Warner

Featured Artists, Publications, and Presses
CarlaJean Valuzzi, Carabella Sands, Barrett Warner, Tim Paggi, Dylan Kinnett, Megan McShea, Linda Franklin, DP the Emcee, Dave K, Kathy Fahey, Theresa Columbus, RM OBrian, Love the Poet, Michelle Dwyer, The Mole Suit Choir, Bobbie Donnie, Boatwater, Community Center, Andrew & Gary, JMWW, Seltzer Zine, Furniture Press, Free State Review, Infinity’s Kitchen, Normals, Hidden City Quarterly, Litmore, Beast Grrl, Writers & Words, Ink Press Productions, EMP, WORMS quarterly, Cobalt, Madison & Calvert, Bookiness, Circle of Light, and more.


nullCANS N DRAFTS is a writing and new works development program at EMP. Run by EMP Collective co-founder Brad Cartwright, Cans n Drafts provides a staging ground for experimentation, growth, and risk-taking in a nurturing and collaborative setting. This series includes: low-cost writing workshops; special weekend workshops; literary arts festivals and events; public staged readings; and project development from idea to fully-produced work at EMP.








nullINK PRESS PRODUCTIONS is a collaborative project devoted to the community of art. Run by Amanda McCormick and Tracy Dimond, Ink Press believes there are an infinite number of ways to be a book and strives to open this dialogue with as many people as possible. They pride themselves on being open to creative endeavors that expand the possibilities of art and what the written word can be.