Odd Tuesdays presents. . . Lost Worlds: A Showcase of Short Documentaries

This Tuesday, May 13, at 7PM:

As a vagabond wandering up Howard Street once screamed at some members of EMP: “All art is time travel.”  True.  And perhaps doubly true about documentary film, which has the power to preserve the recent past in more sensory detail than any other medium.  But what exactly is preserved in these non-fiction works– reality or memory?  And how reliable are these lost scraps of time in any case, once they’ve been ground up and remolded into narratives?

This Odd Tuesdays CineClub showcase of short documentary films will explore these questions with works from over a half-century of cinema.  These stories range from deeply intimate portraits to dynamically rendered cityscapes to near-voyeuristic glimpses of the personal lives of strangers.  Featured films include work from D.A. Pennebaker, Stefan Nadelman, Eva Weber, and others.

Admission to the screening is free!


Curated by EMP member Joshua Buursma, Odd Tuesdays Cineclub is dedicated to a proposition: That not all films are created equal; that some are weirder, sweeter, kinkier, and crankier than others; and that among these films are established cult favorites, essential art house classics, and more recent work that’s only begun to gather a following.  In an age when media too often atomize us rather than bring us together, when we’re more likely to watch movies (especially older movies) alone on our devices rather than with a flesh-and-blood audience, it’s more urgent than ever that we deliberately come together and make seeing movies a show again.  Odd Tuesdays Cineclub: Come and See.