Cans n Drafts Spring Reading

It’s that special time again. What was once a squirming larva is now a beautiful winged beast ready to attack an unsuspecting audience with fancy words and imagery.

This spring’s writers have spent the past few months crafting words, inspiring each other, and filling the recycling bin with drafts (and yeah, cans too).

EMP Collective invites audiences to kick back with a cold one and take in the fruits of these labors at the Cans n Drafts Spring Reading. The reading will feature works from all genres and forms from short story to poetry to script excerpts.

The Cans n Drafts Spring Reading is Wednesday, May 14, at 7PM. Admission is free.

Featuring Barbara Bryan, Kate Gillespie, Shiah IrgangLaden, Heather Johnson, Nick Mantzaris, Tim Paggi, Mark Travassos, and special guests!


Cans n Drafts is an ongoing writing workshop and development series at EMP headed by collective member Brad Cartwright (Writer, filmmaker, tie-wearer).