Odd Tuesdays Cineclub presents: Love and/or Death: Short Stories & Short Films

This February, EMP Collective celebrates the art of short-form narrative. Using a minimum of words and images to evoke a much larger and more complicated world, nowhere is it clearer how much fiction can do with mere suggestion than in the short form– and nowhere is it clearer how fiction enriches, provokes, and entreats the imagination of its audience. Beginning the month with the Baltimore One-Minute Play Festival, EMP Collective is following up with a special Odd Tuesdays Cineclub event this February 18th: Love and/or Death: Short Stories & Short Films.


They’re real and they will happen to you. What are you gonna do about it? Maybe you should definitely come to Odd Tuesdays Cineclub at EMP and hear short fiction from local writers, presented alongside an international selection of short narrative films. These stories, in words and pictures, show us close encounters with love and/or death– sometimes together, sometimes separate, sometimes hard to tell apart. And each encounter has its own surprises (you will shreik at least once, we promise). Bring your friends, bring your brains, and a bring a big appetite for little stories.

Featuring authors Brad Cartwright, Liz Maestri, Alex Gilwit, Elijah Mendoza, Tim Paggi, and Stephanie Barber reading original fiction.

Also featuring short films from Alfonso Cuóron, Mads Matthiesen, Nash Edgerton, Gabriel Nussbaum, Daniel Avilés, and Andrew Mackay.




Odd Tuesdays Cineclub presents… Love and/or Death: Short Stories, Short Films

Tuesday, February 18, 7PM, FREE
EMP | 307 W. Baltimore St


EMP Collective’s Odd Tuesdays Cineclub is dedicated to a proposition: That not all films are created equal; that some are weirder, sweeter, kinkier, and crankier than others; and that among these films are established cult favorites, essential art house classics, and more recent work that’s only begun to gather a following.  In an age when media too often atomize us rather than bring us together, when we’re more likely to watch movies (especially older movies) alone on our devices rather than with a flesh-and-blood audience, it’s more urgent than ever that we deliberately come together and make seeing movies a show again.  Odd Tuesdays Cineclub: Come and See.