Baltimore One Minute Play Festival

Yes, it hath risen!

We soldiers at EMP are partnering with One-Minute Play Festival (#1MPF) to curate and present The 2nd Annual Baltimore One-Minute Play Festival this February 8-9th at 8PM.

Part of the proceeds from the festival will benefit EMP’s Cans n Drafts, a writing workshop series and development program dedicated to the production of new work from new and emerging writers. Cans n Drafts provides a staging ground for experimentation, growth, and risk-taking in a nurturing and collaborative setting.

This is the second year EMP Collective has produced the Baltimore One-Minute Play Festival. From 2013 to 2014, the festival has DOUBLED  in size and features artists from across Baltimore’s dynamic theatre scene including EMP Collective, Annex Theatre, Wham City, Baltimore Rock Opera Society, Strand Theatre, Arena Players, Single Carrot, Glass Mind, Wordbridge, Towson University, University of Baltimore, and UMBC. Around 90 brand new one-minute plays by 50 established and emerging Baltimore playwrights were commissioned for this special event, prompted by #1MPF’s unique playmaking process.


nullBaltimore has a charged and constantly-evolving theatre scene that never fails to surprise me in its ingenuity. The goal of this festival is to create a critical mass of this scene, giving audiences a taste of the creative and bizarre minds of Baltimore’s theatre-makers in one action-packed and free-wheeling night of drama, comedy, and maybe just plain WTF. We’re passionate about being a staging ground for new and sometimes unexpected artistic collaborations as well as being active producers of new fearless work. This festival is a great opportunity for both artist and audience to be exposed to new work and creators in their own community. I’m excited to see what lasting partnerships emerge from the event!Carly J. Bales, Artistic Director, EMP Collective



As I grew up in the area, this is the best kind of homecoming for me. We learned a lot last year, and took steps to reach out and include local writers that have a history of work and collaboration in town, along with writers who are new to the area and have a lot to offer. We’re welcoming back most of the cohort of writers from last year, adding scores new local writers and directors. I’m proud to be working to support EMP’s Cans n Drafts program. They are clearly so passionate and committed to contributing the culture of new work in Charm City. Programs like this exist because of dedication to the culture and the generosity of the hosting orgs, and we just have to support the health of this amazing initiative via a direct funding action.Dominic D’Andrea, Producing Artistic Director, One-Minute Play Festival


This year’s works will be directed by Sarah Jacquelin, Elissa Goetchius, Jack Sossman, Jared Margulies, Kevin Davis, Kat Kaplan, Adam Endres, Sarah Heiderman, Kellie Mecleary, & Alexander Scally

Featuring playwrights Brad Leroy Cartwright, Carly J Bales, Maggie Villegas, Rachel Hynes, Joshua Buursma, Chuck Green, Evan Moritz, Alex Hacker, Tim Paggi, Sarah Weissman, Ben Hoover, Rachel Dwiggins, Richard Byrne, Rich Espey, Matthew Buckley Smith, Cricket Arrison, Jared Fischer, Christine Ferrera, Michal “Roxie” Johnson, Max Garner, Ellen Nielsen, Savannah Reich, Jake Budenz, Brent Engler, Kevin Kostic, Juanita Rockwell, Gwydion Sulibhan, Susan McCully, Mark Scharf, Miryam Madrigal, Dave White, Britt Olson-Ecker, Steve Krigel, Ken Greller, Rich Pauli, Andrew Hager, Craig Richie, Barbara Bryan, Joe Dennison, Juliana Avery, Kate Gillespie, Lily Kind, Eric Bowers, Elloitt Rauh, Bob Bartlett, Sarah Shaefer, Andrew Rosendorf, Leslie Rogers, Jenny Connell Davis, & Caitlin Saylor Stephens.


nullThe energy at last year’s One Minute Play Festival was phenomenal. It’s a valuable opportunity to see artists from across the whole of the Baltimore theatre community come together and collaborate outside the normal confines of our own companies. That said, the main reason I am excited to be a part of this festival again is Carly J. Bales’ piercing good looks.” Jared Margulies, two-time director and founding member of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society




Baltimore One Minute Play Festival
February 8th – 9th, Saturday and Sunday, 8PM
EMP | 307 W Baltimore St | $15




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