Backroom Sessions: Eef Barzelay & Friends

Musician and songwriter, Eef Barzelay (Clem Snide), is coming all the way from Nashville to EMP to perform on Friday, January 31st. Show starts at 9PM. $8-10

Eef Barzelay is possibly “the most underrated songwriter in the business today, with a sneakily firm grasp on poignancy and humor, and his live performances convey a kind of awkwardly fidgety fearlessness. He’s a disarming performer: He can seem above it all, until he hits an emotionally devastating kill shot when listeners least expect it”.

From quiet, folky solo work to his alt-country band Clem Snide to an album of cover music from the Sound of Music (what?!), Eef effortless glides between projects, ideas, and sounds as a musician.

Here’s some primer material to get yuh ready for Friday, January 31:

NPR Tiny Desk Concert
Stephen Thompson of NPR Music waxes poetic about Eef
Eef writes songs for you!


Szkojáni Charlatans

The “Szkojáni Charlatans” are world traveling folk musicians from the formerly mysteriously disappeared Transylvanian town of Szkoján. Szickán (Accordion, Vocals, Percussion) and Kjartan (Violin, Brács, Vocals, Dance) are the two core members of the ensemble. Their music is of Szkoján with influence from: Gipsi, Romanian, Hungarian, Jewish, Serbian, Bulgarian, and Macedonian musical traditions. Kjartan and Szickán are also sell fedoras and their famous Szkojáni folk elixir with many amazing effects! including but not limited to greater musical appreciation!



Small, personal performances in our intimate turn-of-the-century backroom setting. A perfect way to see favorite local and visiting performers as well as discover new favorites!