Homebrew Hullabaloo 2

EMP’s celebrating SEPTOBERFEST in style with our late-summer edition of the Homebrew Hullabaloo.

Join us September 14 for a night of beer, bands, and burlesque as local homebrewers compete for cash prizes, store credits from Nepenthe, swag and sponsorship from Flying Dog Brewery, and (of course) MAJOR BRAGGING RIGHTS.

Interested in throwing your latest batch into the ring? SIGN UP HERE.

Saturday, September 14 at 8PM
$10 Suggested Donation

featuring performances by:

Ruby Rockafella

Ruby Rockafella, the Petite Pinnacle of Pulchritude, made her burlesque debut in 2012 at DC’s beloved Red Palace and has since performed in wonderful and wild places all over DC, MD, and VA. Her acts range from lovely to bizarre, always leaving the audience wondering what it is they just witnessed. Ruby, like any precious stone, loves to shine. She also likes to put shiny things on her crotch. Brightest Young Things says she “oozes silent charisma;” other people just say “dayum, girl!” Come see for yourself as this little gem steals your heart with a surprisingly delightful mix of classic moves and a hint of the seductively strange.

Alexandria Arnopol


PBJAMz (Paul Diem, Britt Olsen-Ecker, Jeremy Durkin, Aldo Pantoja, and Melissa Wimbish) is made possible through an intricate family tree of bands.

The original group Sex Pool, was formed by director Genevieve de Mahy during Single Carrot Theatre’s June 2011 production of ‘Linus & Alora’, a play by Andrew Irons. It was a hot summer. After a terribly successful run, Sex Pool played a few shows but eventually dissolved due to one of the core members mysteriously fleeing the city of Baltimore leaving only her clarinet behind. Everyone thought it was curtains for great music until one night, members of Single Carrot Theatre knocked on the abandoned, beer-infested dwelling of Sex Pool and demanded they come out of retirement for an important evening of slam poetry and comedy. Just JAM (Jeremy, Aldo, and Melissa) was the result of this request and they went on to play one wild night of hefty jamz including Biggie, Radiohead, and a few Sex Pool originals for the occasion…but something was still missing. Love and peanut butter.

One fateful day, Melissa Wimbish and Britt Olsen-Ecker had taken several Natty Bohs to the brain during an event at Liam Flynn’s Alehouse because you can use B Notes there to buy Boh. Ms. Olsen-Ecker recited some of her own killer poetry for the event while Ms. Wimbish performed jamz with P-JAMz. (The addition of Paul Diem added a ‘P’ to the JAM that evening. The addition of swag added the ‘z’.) The ladies got to chatting as ladies often do, and the subject shifted and shifted and shifted as subjects often do, and after a super-intense 14 minutes of labor, the idea for The Valentonez, Baltimore’s only singing Valentine troupe was birthed in a slimy mess of love and excitement. After intense preparation, The Valentonez hit the streets of Baltimore in February of 2012 delivering singing-Valentine-grams to front stoops, office buildings, coffee shops, classrooms, and answering machines for sweethearts and friends. Throughout their travels, The ‘Tonez saved many relationships and undoubtedly caused a lot of love-making. (www.valentonez.com) But what is a Valentine band to do during the off-season?

Continue the jamz of course! PB&JAMz (das right, the addition of Britt added the buttah!) is now a complete sandwich spreading cover jamz and originals to Bmore. In their short, yet prosperous life, the band has made panties drop and subsequently fly at CENTERSTAGE, The Windup Space, Single Carrot Theatre, The Creative Alliance, Joe Squared, and The Strand. Their newest original jam, “Baltimore Rap” promises to stir international recognition.

PBJAMz are:

Paul Diem (guitar, vocals)

Britt Olsen-Ecker (keyboard, vocals)

Jeremy Durkin (cajon, potato, percussion)

Aldo Pantoja (guitar, bass, vocals)

Melissa Wimbish (clarinet, vocals)

Community Center


Norm Sherman

You know this guy.

Dave of TWD Brew

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