Gallery Show : Kate McGraw’s Illumination + Snack

From 7-10PM on Friday, May 17th, you’re invited to a little Illumination…plus some visual (and edible) snacks.

The show features her latest series of works on paper, paintings, installations and wall-drawings.

In the Studio!



Illumination + Snack is an art adventure featuring an honest cat embarking on her life-long quest to find salvation in a world full of tricks and treasures. Embracing the spirit of EMP’s varied programming, Illumination + Snack is a “multi-dimensional journey” that will offer visitors a chance to see art, be in art, and experience art.

McGraw creates a fantastic and whimsical world with her pieces that audience members are invited to participate in during the exhibition.

Online snacks of the show will be up on Twitter @empcollective and @katemcgrawdc



Tuesday, June 4:  12-6pm
Thursday, June 6:  12-6pm