mishamisha collaboration coming to EMP

White Flag Performance Group teams up with EMP Collective and Baltimore Performance Kitchen to provide a rare audience opportunity to interact with and shape a new performance in an art installation setting.

mishamisha is an experiential art installation created by artist and performer Sarah Lloyd in conversation with a new theatrical production, The Bear Loves Honey, a work being conceived and devised by Baltimore-based theatre company White Flag Performance Group.

The installation is being hosted by EMP Collective and presented in partnership with Baltimore Performance Kitchen.

The Bear Loves Honey is based on the true story of Russian “necrologist” Anatoly Moskvin, a cemetery expert who exhumed the bodies of 29 women and young girls, dressed them as dolls, and had tea with them in his apartment. The play is a fictional imagining of the dark world inside Moskvin’s apartment, and explores where the line between the living and the dead truly falls. mishamisha is an exploration of the world of this play — physical, conceptual, and emotional.

EMP Collective and Baltimore Performance Kitchen present White Flag Performance Group’s mishamisha.

April 25 and 26 from 7pm to 10pm
April 27 from 1pm to 4pm


EMP basement
306 W. Redwood Street