Reject the Gaze

REJECT THE GAZE features the paintings and drawings of local visual artists Lacey Anderson and Sylvia O.

What is the gaze?
In simplest terms, the gaze is the realization that one can be viewed and the power dynamic that subsequently occurs between the viewer and the viewed.

Pop-Up Performances
January 14 -18, Times to vary
@empcollective for announcements

January 18, 7-10PM
Featuring music, performance, and visual art
Free admission. Suggested donation $5-$10

In REJECT THE GAZE, the artists are stylistically juxtaposed yet share a similar effect on the viewer:  both Anderson and Ortiz turn notions of the flesh on their head and directly challenge the viewer’s gaze on the female form.

Anderson achieves this through suffocating the frame of the viewer with flesh that only begins to take shape and meaning with multiple viewings and in context with her other pieces. Ortiz, on the other hand, playfully transforms traditionally erotic parts of the female form and makes them shockingly asexual. Breasts become watching eyes that return the viewer’s gaze back toward them. In confronting and addressing the gaze, the works of both artists take steps to redefine and reject it altogether.

In addition to the works of Anderson and Ortiz, EMP is pairing with local writers and performance artists to create response pieces to the show that will pop up throughout downtown Baltimore in the week leading up to the show and its opening.  Locations and times of pop-ups will be tweeted out (@empcollective) the day of each performance.


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  1. Nolan Beck wrote:

    Twelve artists created and exchanged limited edition prints exploring the aesthetic and relevance of the still life in contemporary art. A fundraiser for Current Space’s screen-printing studio will be happening during the opening. Visitors can bring t-shirts and get them printed with designs made by the artists for $5.