An Exquisite Corpse at EMP

We’re moving into a new space and celebrating a whole year of arts programming in Baltimore! In celebration, we invited collaborating artists from our first year and new local faces to participate in a large-scale Exquisite Corpse project. The installation will permanently adorn one of the walls in our new space. We will be re-opening in the new space on 307 West Baltimore on November 2nd.

EMP's home-in-progress at 307 West Baltimore!

We’ll unveil the new space and installation as well as exhibit work and merch from our work over the past year.

A parlor game co-opted by the Surrealists of the early 20th century. Players take a folded piece of paper and each draw something based upon connecting a few revealed lines of the last piece. The unfolded creation is an Exquisite Corpse that reflects not only the work of the individual, but also the collective potential of the participants.

EMP Collective’s large-scale Exquisite Corpse will feature 22 local visual artists. The permanent installation will commemorate EMP’s first year of collaborative, multi-disciplinary art in Baltimore and tip its hat to even greater artistic growth to come.

Say hello to our wonderful participating artists (in no particular order): 

Teddy Johnson
Heather Rounds
Valeska Populoh
Zachary Handler
Amanda Burnham
Sara Barnes
Luke Atkinson*
Darryl Bennett*
Stephanie Kwak*
Dominique Zeltzman
Madeleine Pierce*
Sara Moore
Grant Whipple
Alexis DeVance*
Kate McGraw
Robert Marbury
Chris Fitzwater
Nolan Cartwright
Joshua Copeland
Tyne Lowe*
Ryan Maxwell
Rams Brisueno

*denotes a new EMP bro! Give them an extra welcome!