EMP comes to Artscape!

Performance Art

and your mind elsewhere

lost in a dream

another room

speaking to the moon

The collective will present pop-up performances from Cameron Stuart’s The Emperor and the Moon in Gordon Plaza on the corner of Cathedral and Mt. Royal. The Emperor and the Moon is a full-length play in progress that will be presented in dreamlike episodes over the course of a Sunday afternoon.

The Emperor, near the end of his life and empire, wakes from a mysterious dream. He consults the Moon to figure out the meaning of his vision. As The Emperor ruminates, the piece incorporates dance, puppets, clown, and music. The Emperor and the Moon features actors Cameron Stuart and Ken Jordan with dancer/actor Manon Parent as The Moon. Puppets by Atlanta-based artist, Shitty Bedford. Music devised by Katy Dubina.

Cameron Stuart is a Brooklyn-based playwright and EMP collaborator. His previous theatrical work for EMP Collective was seen withinWE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!  and NIGHT SWEATS, immersive theatre pieces exploring irrational fears and the end of the world.

Gordon Plaza (near Edgar Allan Poe statue/UB Law), West Mount Royal & Maryland Ave., Baltimore, MD
Sunday, July 22nd at 12PM, 2PM, 4PM, 6PM


Special Afterparty Sneak Preview at EMP

Saturday, July 21st at 9PM
306 West Redwood, Baltimore, MD

After Artscape closes on Saturday we will be hosting a party at EMP’s downtown space – come see the Emperor and the Moon for the first time in a program with some of the most amazing musicians of the East Coast!

Sto Len

Hurricanes of Love

Grid of Pleiades (Yellow Crystal Star side project)
(this video is probably a lot different than this new project)

and with possible surprise guest appearances

(check here for updates)

Doors at 9:00PM
Starts at 9:30PM

Five dollars

Visual Art

At-TENT-ion at Pearlstone Park
EMP Collective is working with curator Rene Trevino on his multiple-artist sculpture installation, At-TENT-ion. Using the tent as metaphor, Pearlstone Park will be transformed into a city of tent sculptures. Tents are seen as an omnipresent player in our cultural zeitgeist from Occupy movements to natural disasters. Each artist was commissioned and given the opportunity to translate this notion into a sculpture.

EMP Collective work explores the idea of the tent as a tool and symbol of private space creation and ownership: encapsulating a piece of the environment and thus creating a new environment within it.  The sculpture narrows in on the notion of private spaces in public and uses the tent to create a human body. Maybe the most private of spaces in public, the body is a thin shell, constantly threatened by outside forces, that contains a vast environment.

Where Pearlstone Park, W Preston and N Howard Street, Baltimore, MD
July 20-22, All Day


Down Through the Needle’s Eye at EMP
EMP Collective is presenting the Rotating History Project’s Through the Needle’s Eye during Artscape as part of the Artscape Gallery Network. Down through the Needle’s Eye is a multidisciplinary art exhibition that brings 19 local artists together to explore and ruminate upon concepts and themes related to Baltimore’s historic former Garment District. The project features many 2012 Janet & Walter Sondheim Prize applicants.

Where EMP 306 West Redwood, Baltimore, MD
Opens July 13, 6-10PM
Gallery Hours Thurs-Sat 2-7PM


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  1. Dara Brown wrote:

    I caught the Emperor and the Moon performance on Sunday and it was FANTASTIC! Thank you for sharing your work at Artscape! I look forward to seeing more amazing work from EMP Collective.