It’s finally happening: we’re doing a late night talk show! The hosts of the EMP Presents EMP Variety Hour, Nolan Cartwright and Ken Jordan, are back at it again with IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING.  Come check us out on June 23rd at 10pm for a full lineup of interviews and performances by local Baltimore artists.

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING will feature Baltimore Rock Opera Society alum and author of Stone a Pig, Dave K.; Sideshow expert and author of Shocked and Amazed, James Taylor; Stillpointe Theatre Initiative discussing upcoming productions, including The Country Wife at Artscape; and a live performance by Community Center.

Join us for a late night of excitement, art, and the unexpected from the Greatest City in America.

Saturday, June 23, 10pm at EMP
306 W Redwood Street
$10 tickets available online or at the door.

Nolan Cartwright aka DEMZilla aka the Smoke Monster aka the Better Brother is a mixed-media artist, musician, and video game specialist from Tallahassee, FL. When he’s not riding his bicycle around town in slacks and custom sleeveless Ts, you can find probably find him at the closest bar or pizza place. He can also make dolphin noises with his mouth.

Ken Jordan is a transplant from Monticello, FL by way of Arcata, CA.  He plays the ukulele, watches too much television, and can quote several movies in their entirety, including  Ghostbusters, Lethal Weapon 3, and Ghosts of Mississippi, to name a few.  As an actor, Ken has appeared in every show EMP Collective has ever produced.  And now this.

Local author Dave K. recently finished his first self published short fiction collection, Stone A Pig.   His work, largely essays and speculative fiction, has been published in The Bullet, the Gettysburg Mercury, Front Porch Journal, Ghoti Hook, Battered Suitcase, the Nautilus Engine, 5923 Quarterly, ULA Redux, The Light Ekphrastic, and Welter. He is also a regular contributor to Adfreak, Adweek Magazine’s weblog.  Dave can be seen around town reading his bizarre works of fiction at pretty much any bar that will give him a mic.

James Taylor has been seen on Fox Files, The Jerry Springer Show, and Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel. He is the king of sideshow with nine volumes of his books solely devoted to the entertainment of the odd, unusual, and strange. Shocked and Amazed: On & Off the Midway is a collection of stories that date back to the beginning of sideshow. Throughout the years James has interviewed underground sideshow legends and showmen whose stories were previously untold. Taylor boasts an impressive, expansive collection of freaks, oddities and unusual creatures.

Stillpointe Theatre Initiative (STI) is a group of artists out of Baltimore continuously creating unique and groundbreaking works of theatre.  With a knack for the strange and demented, STI  recreates old works with a new spin and devises original works of musical theatre.  Stillpointe produced six full productions in the first half of 2012 including their new musical, Shovel in The Dirt.

Community Center performs up and down the Baltimore-York, PA corridor and has collaborated on film, theatre and live events with EMP Collective and Stillpointe Theatre Initiative. Influenced by jazz, classical, and modern styles, each band member plays multiple instruments (including penny whistle, violin, clarinet, melodica, accordion, banjo and any other noisemaker they can get their hands on). Their debut self-titled album was released in March of 2011.