Designing The Greatest Show on Earth!


Those of you who have seen our previous theatre pieces (especially NIGHT SWEATS and WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!) know we really dig non-traditional sets, low-budget DIY aesthetics, and incorporating artists of different backgrounds into the mix to create the world. For RABBITS, we paired up with local set designer David Shuhy for consultation and brought back another artist, Amanda Burnham, to bring her own approach to the table.  Amanda is a local visual artist who focuses in installation art and collage/painting and who previously worked with us on an installation for WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!. Together, they were able to bring some delightful expressionistic touches to the world of Mare and the play.


Amanda talking about the work:


Gallery of Preliminary Designs: 


You can find more photos of the set and the play in progress HERE.