MAGIC is back at EMP

EMP friend/supporter/hero David London is back at EMP with two exciting Magic events during the run of RABBITS.

Magic Workshop with David London
Saturday, May 19, 2012
5:00PM  – 7:00 PM
$20 (Price includes all materials and props)
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About the Workshop

 In David’s mind, Magic and Magic Tricks, are two very different things. This workshop will explore both. Through a crash course in illusion, we will examine how we interact with reality. You will go home with many more questions than you came in with, as well as 3 tricks you can amuse and amaze your friends with!

This workshop is designed for both new performers who are interested in exploring magic, as well as professional performers who are looking to incorporate magic into their pre-existing repertoire. Join David as he shares some of the secrets of magic he uses both on stage and off!

Topics covered will include Sleight of Hand, Misdirection, Secret Devices, Storytelling, Persona, Mindreading, and Human Interaction, as well as Dreams, Imagination and Creativity.







Join us for a LATE NIGHT Magic Show 

Saturday, May 12 at 11:00PM
$15 or $10 with the purchase of a ticket to EMP Collective’s A Brief Narrative of an Extraordinary Birth of Rabbits.
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Late Night Magic Show

About the show:

Join magician David London on a journey to someplace else. Featuring excerpts from all of David’s previous theatrical productions, this full-length performance combines magic, story-telling, comedy, puppetry, and that which cannot be defined, into a show of magic unlike anything you have experienced before. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience David’s magic, and find out why the Washington Post has called him “Our favorite mad genius magician!”


About David London

David discovered that he was a magician at the age of seven. He has since spent over twenty years exploring just what that means.

He is the creator of five theatrical magic productions, including Cerebral Sorcery, …Art of Dreams, and The Imagination Show, which he has performed and lectured on in over 1/3 of the United States.

David has authored eight manuscripts related to magic and illusion, including Daydreams, Imagining the Imagination, and Borderland State, and has served as the editor of Beyond The Smoke and Mirrors— a journal devoted to magic and creativity.

 When not on stage, he spends his time writing, making art, inventing things, and exploring the infinite possibilities of the world in which we exist.