Mad Max: The Road Warrior

EMP Collective’s Odd Sunday Cine Club presents It’s 2012 and We’re Still All Gonna Die by Nolan Cartwright

#2  MAD MAX: THE ROAD WARRIOR (George Miller) 95 min. Starring Mel Gibson and Bruce Spence.

Months have passed since the apocalypse hit. You found a working car and you’re on your way across the open road in search of food, shelter, people, and more importantly; gas. While wandering you come across a group of people in control of a small gas refinery. Their supply is short and the local bike gang keeps kicking in their front door. It’s time to make a decision and possibly risk everything they have built. Are you the hero or are you a coward? Find out on April 15th when you watch George Miller’s Mad Max: The Road Warrior at EMP.

Sunday, 4/15/12
At EMP, 306 W Redwood St., 21201