Just What I See by Greg Schmigel

“Street photography, for me, was not intention.  Yet now, it seems essential.” – Greg Schmigel

Considered by many a pioneer in the movement of mobile photography, Greg Schmigel’s photographs take a quick, candid look at everyday moments — the lives of the people and strangers that he encounters on the street and in public places. Schmigel believes that 90% of photography is about what the photographer sees with his or her own eyes. The choice of camera that he or she uses makes up for the rest. All of Schmigel’s photographs are created with a simple handheld mobile device – the iPhone.

Opening Party at EMP: Friday, April 13 at 8 pm
Featuring the Baltimore roots/bluegrass band, The Manly Deeds

Just What I See  Runs: April 13 – May 4
Gallery Hours: Wed – Fri, 12PM – 6PM

Schmigel insists that he is not an iPhoneographer, rather, a street photographer who uses an iPhone as his primary camera of choice. Schmigel’s work has been exhibited in group shows since 2010, including stops in Rome, Berlin, Madrid, New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Panama City, Florida. Schmigel’s work is currently on a year-long, 10-city, traveling exhibit through Spain with seven other mobile photographers. This is Schmigel’s first solo exhibit and first exhibit in Baltimore. Greg Schmigel was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1969, but has spent the majority of his life in and around the Washington DC Metropolitan area. All of the artist’s photographs are dedicated to his wife, Suzy (which EMP thinks is super-sweet!).