EMP Storytime on Drabblecast!

Gather ’round, kiddies.

We’re gearing up for Night Sweats in less than two months!  What better way is there to start getting in the mood than teaming up with EMP brother Norm Sherman once more?  Carly J Bales and Ken Jordan join Norm for Trifecta XIX on Drabblecast, bringing creepy cautionary fairy tales surrounding childhood abduction this week.

As child, everyone has been scarred by iterations of these stories told to them: children that stray end up in a stew or worse, trapped in a damn painting until they die! (That or they’re taken by the devil and bring Rock n Roll to the masses.)

Geez Mom and Dad, could you maybe just have asked nicely for me not to wander off at the grocery store?

But alas, when we’re walking alone, all grown now, those irrational fears still creep up within us. We start to stray off the path, distracted by an odd, pretty thing or allured by the possibility of a different shortcut back home, and a tiny ingrained piece of us revolts. The piece that knows that is the way to witches and goblins and ghouls and fairies and things that go bump in the night.

Check out the special episode here: Trifecta XIX


Norm Sherman is a dear friend of EMP, having donated his talents and wit alongside another EMP favorite, Dave DeDionisio for both WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! and (…and you’re just not good enough). He is the host of Drabblecast, an international, “award-winning, illustrated, listener-supported audio fiction magazine,” as well as an incredibly versatile kick-ass musician and performer.

Pre-order his latest album, The Esoteric Order of Sherman, on Kickstarter and enjoy.