Shovel in the Dirt: A Gravedigger’s Musical

EMP’s first playmates!

Stillpointe Theatre Initiative proudly presents its first originally conceived and written chamber musical, Shovel in the Dirt: A gravedigger’s musical. The story follows a gravedigger, his bride and the people that keep them together and pull them apart. A quest for love and a journey through loss filled with jazz, gospel, and crows.

Oct. 14-17 and 20-22 at EMP. Contact for more info!

All tickets are $15. If you bring a lamp in it’s $13. If you volunteer FOH it’s free. AND if you post a youtube video prior to leaving you get $5 back.

Cash only, bros.



October 14th 8pm. Doors @ 715
October 15th 8pm. Doors @ 715
October 16th 7pm. Doors @ 615
October 17th 8pm. Doors @ 700 ( industry night, free for artists)

October 20th. 8pm. Doors @ 715
October 21st. 8pm. Doors @ 715
October 22nd. 8pm. Doors @ 715