My Little Buttercup, Sweet Little Buttercup

Hey baby,

Look, we know we missed Valentine’s Day and, like, it wasn’t that we forgot per say… It was just, you know, we’ve had a lot going on what with coming into the space at The Fridge last week,  organizing our artists locally and those coming in from out of town, teching, opening our brand new show (…and you’re just not good enough), and selling out two of its three nights, going to “standing room only” on closing night, striking the show, and turning around and interviewing for a space grant to produce again in D.C.

We’re not making excuses but we just wanna say, Happy Valentine’s Day. You make’a our dreams come true.


photos by Devon Rowland & Carly Bales

photos by Devon Rowland & Carly Bales


Seriously though, we know we joke around a lot about making out with you oh-so-supportive EMP followers but we’re crazy hot ‘n heavy for you fools.

All we’re sayin’ is… wanna go steady? We have some big stuff in the works for you and us and, well, we should just come out and say it ’cause we’re just so goddamn excited!

So. . . we did a little flirting and A LOT of winking with the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore (That’s how interviews are supposed to go, right? Man, if not, we probably made quite a few DC arts administrators uncomfortable today at our other meeting. . .) and they decided that EMP Collective was, in fact, quite good enough.

As part of a revitalization initiative for downtown Baltimore, the lovely folks at the Downtown Partnership offered grants of up to $10,000 and arrangements for storefront space to operate out of (with little to no rent) for prospective organizations and small businesses in the area. This initiative was dubbed Operation Storefront and the application process began last fall.

After proposal reviews, narrowing down the group of over 100 applicants from varying organizations, finalist interviews, and a final selection process, EMP Collective was chosen among about a dozen other organizations for the start-up grant and a storefront space to run a gallery and performance venue out of in downtown Baltimore!

We’re currently in the works to secure the location of our space and working on our detailed production schedule so stick around. . . We’ll make it worth your while.

Oh, and get on our list to get production updates on our new space in Baltimore, what we’re up to in Washington, DC and abroad in other cities, or if you’re interested in having some of your own work produced with us! We’re movin’ and shakin’ so move and shake with us, why dontcha?!

And now, we’re gonna get back to work. However, because telling you we love you is better late than never, we’ll leave you with a timely and appropriate treat penned by EMP member and writer, Rachel Inez Lane:

It’s Valentine’s Day and My Russian Phone Sex Operator Roommate is Crying

I close the door to my room and hear her

half-heartedly moan into the phone

I am sniff so  sniff wet   sniff right now.

Tonight, everyone

is thinking about someone—

even in Koreatown.

Through the whole building, someone

plays Moon River.

Down the hall, the drug dealer plays

spin the gun, alone with his bottle.

The old Korean woman sings dreamaker

you heartbreaker

Takes a long drag

from her Black & Mild, and assembles the right herbs

to make tea

or the lonesome heart.

The transvestite wails

to the music and puts on lipstick for one,

while her plump cat, Snowball,

pisses in her pumps.

The lady, who I am pretty sure, is a hooker,

shuts her leopard skin drapes, turns off

the red light, and rocks gently

like a melancholy bird,

on her sex swing, sighing

to purple toe nails.

And I’m thinking about how he would draw

our lips on his fingertips,

me then him.

He’d make us kiss till the ink smeared.