EMP and Washington Hospital Center accept you…and your blood.

Hear, hear! We the people at EMP have just partnered the MedStar Health blood bank at Washington Hospital Center for this week’s run of (…and you’re just not good enough).

But what does this mean for MEEEE?” you may be asking.

Well! Let me tell you!

This Thursday and Friday, the 10th and 11th, make an appointment and donate your precious life juice (some people call it ‘blood’) at Washington Hospital Center (110 Irving St., NW Washington, DC 20010).

In return, not only do you get the satisfaction of being a useful member of society (a great feeling I’ve been told), BUT ALSO a free movie ticket for AMC/Loews Theatres and FIVE BUCKS OFF your ticket to (..and you’re just not good enough) for any of our shows dates this week.

Make an appointment TODAY, dearest followers.

On-line Appointment Instructions:

Visit here.

Select the donate blood tab & enter zip code 20010, select Search

Select the Washington Hospital Center 2/10/11 or 2/11/2011 link

Scroll down to see appointment times – Find appointment time and select SCHEDULE

Box appears, select OK to be directed to the login/registration page

Scroll to bottom of page and select, “I am a New MedStar Health donor-make appointment now“.

It is THAT easy.

Here’s an even easer equation for those of you math-inclined: Your blood + Washington Hospital Center + EMP = Discounts and Eternal Bliss.


I’m going to go on Friday and you can see me sportin’ a sweet band-aid this weekend.

-Carly J. Bales