EMP goes to The Fridge!

Today is our first day in the performance space!

We’re going to be all-hands-on-deck busy little bees working and preparing the environment for showtime (this Thursday through Saturday at 8PM…just to drill it into your skull a little more); devising the playing space, hanging artwork, setting up projectors and A/V equipment, eating snack cakes, and so forth.


Perhaps you’ve never been to The Fridge, the year-and-a-half-old art gallery, performance space, music venue and classroom in Eastern Market? WELL, WELL, WELL, here’s a primer for your trip this week:

It’s right near the Eastern Market Metro (Orange/Blue Line)! How convenient!

Walking out from the exit of the Metro, you walk straight toward 8th Street/Barracks Row!

You may see incredible sights such as a Starbucks! A Dunkin’ Donuts! A Piano Bar! A Lesbian bar! A Blockbuster? (Yes, we didn’t realize they still existed either…LONG LIVE THE NETFLIX).


You will see an alleyway, you will forget what your mom told you about meandering down random alleyways AND about the 1974 movie Death Wish. You WILL proceed to walk down said alley.

Just the right amount of sketch.

…and here you are! The Fridge DC in the Rear Alley of 516 8th Street SE in the Eastern Market neighborhood of Washington, DC! Just in time for (…and you’re just not good enough), part of the Fresh Produce Festival. Check out the schedule of other events at the Fridge this month as well, here!

Home Sweet Home.