Cult Music and Sweaty Roses

Panting and chanting on the night of the lunar eclipse.


“Just hold on a minute, Katy’s gonna write something.” Hmmm … where to begin? “Write something Gregorian chanty for the cult suicide scene.”  I worked out a phyrgian-modal melody on the Yamaha keyboard in the Villegas-Cartwright living room. What would a choir of roses sound like? I set the voice to “Choral” and worked out a few measures of the chant, in a call and answer format, then moved on to a B section.  Working in C minor mostly, the chorale came together nicely, comprising about 16 measures. Now time to add the “choir”. Maggie, Ally, Ken and Steven took the task of meditationally chanting the slow chorale in varying octaves. The overall result … hilarious. Not bad for a 30 minute composition. 


Last night I found myself moaning into a microphone, mimicking the desperate moans and jerks of a sweaty, masturbating rose. This is what happens when a joke gets out of hand. You end up adding voice-overs to images of roses being burnt, crushed, exploded, and sexually assaulted.
Just another day at EMP.
This brand new, totally kickass new short film from EMP is an in-your-face look at the cruel world of rose violence and its impact and implications for the wider rose world. How to Kill A Dozen Roses is a no-holds-barred-roller-coaster-of-emoticons-and-other-hyphenated-adjectives thrill ride that will leave you wanting more…of something.

Come see it. It’ll be sweet.

-Katy Dubina & Esteban Krigelo