WHAT I DO–The irregularly-kept journal of Ken Jordan

Ken Jordan recently traveled to Lexington, KY to film several shorts with Hearty White for EMP Collective’s upcoming production (…and you’re just not good enough).

Well, Hello.

Hearty White and Hearty’s wife and brood were most gracious, providing Ken Jordan with a nice big room in which to sleep and pretend to work, feeding Ken Jordan whenever it was deemed appropriate, and allowing Ken Jordan unfettered access to Hearty White’s workshop, studio, and process, which,as expected, involved mostly sitting alone in a cold room and talking to oneself for hours at a time.

Morning exercises.

Soon after arriving, Ken Jordan, Hearty White, and Hearty’s wife(Ken Jordan will refer to her as “Ann”, which is Hearty’s wife Ann’s name) went to the University of Kentucky Science-Type Building for the first shoot.  Ken Jordan recalls seeing and smelling a vast variety of underwater allies, including the impish Sea Monkey and the Giant Prawn.

A Giant Killer King Prawn.

After shooting a segment which features Hearty White, Ann, and one of Ann’s very-good-sport graduate students, Wen-Wen, Hearty White proceeded to the Sea Monkey tank to pick one out for boiling, buttering, and digesting. After a glorious meal of Sea Monkeys and Research Fish, Hearty White, Ann, and Ken Jordan returned to the home of Hearty White and Ann to capture and edit the footage taken just hours before.  This took Hearty White and Ken Jordan about four hours from start to finish.  Upon completion, Hearty White and Ken Jordan spent the next several hours taking turns congratulating each other on that evening’s infallible artistic success.

In the night, Ken Jordan heard a rustle in the kitchen, followed by a continuous murmur, which seemed human.  Slowly, Ken Jordan climbed the stairs from the basement to the first floor.  Ken Jordan opened the door slowly and peeked through to the kitchen island. Hearty White, eyes closed, a plum on his thumb,was repeating, under his breath, over and over, “What a good boy am I, what a good boy am I, what a good boy am I …”Ken Jordan pushed the door back into place carefully and went back downstairs, hoping to forget what Ken Jordan had seen.  But Ken Jordan could not.  Ken Jordan just wrote about it.  The memory lingers like a drunk, aspbergers-y party guest.

A skull wearing a paper hat from Atlanta's VARSITY restaurant. Insert joke about food or working conditions here.

Upon waking, Ken Jordan set about the work of posting videos that Ken Jordan had shot with his own camera, both of which can no longer be seen on youtube.com, because Ken Jordan neglected to double-check the year in which (…and you’re just not good enough) is showing. The videos claimed that (…and you’re just not good enough) will be showing February 10-12, 2010 instead of February 10-12, 2011. For some reason, other members of EMP Collective take the dates of the show very seriously and were concerned that people might be confused and show up this past Feb 10-12 instead of the Feb 10-12 which is upcoming.  As a result, the videos were taken down the very day they were posted.

This concludes the first half of Ken Jordan’s posts about traveling to Kentucky to visit Hearty White in order to shoot several short films to be featured in EMP Collective’s upcoming production entitled (…and you’re just not good enough).  Come back soon for more.  Or I could come to you.  Ken Jordan does incalls/outcalls.  Walk-ins welcome.