Auditions and Awkwardness

Last night we held the first night of auditions for EMP’s upcoming show (…and you’re just not good enough).

Thoughts that may have crossed our auditionees’ minds:

  • “What do you care what I think about the lighting in this room?”
  • “Can I have some steak?  It smells like steak.”
  • “Why are you taking my chairs?”
  • “Why does the red-head keep calling that ‘laugh-for-me’ guy a hobo?”
  • “Are you really a hobo?  Do you need a home?”
  • “Where is the hidden camera?”
  • “Can I have a cookie?”

Dearest citizens of Washington, DC – Thank you for your patience.  Clearly we are emotionally handicapped (which means our upcoming show about rejection is going to be SPOT ON).

Join us, judge us, come on out for round 2 of auditions tonight at Woolly Mammoth’s Company Classroom:


641 D Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004